Taku Sugimoto/Minami Saeki-Songs (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) (2 CDs) ($20) (edition of 300) (new release, no overlap with the Slub one)

Minami Saeki/Wakana Ikeda/Yoko Ikeda/Taku Sugimoto/Stefan Thut/Manfred Werder-Sextet (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (edition of 300)

Common Objects (John Butcher/Angharad Davies/Rhodri Davies/Lina Lapelyte/Lee Patterson/Pat Thomas)-Skullmarks (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (edition of 600)

Anne Guthrie/Seymour Wright-Chelsea Bridge (Winds Measure) ($13) (edition of 300)

Ben Owen-Turning (Winds Measure) ($13) (edition of 200)

Sarah Hennies/Greg Stuart-Rundle (Notice) ($8) (cassette) (edition of 100)

Nick Hoffman-Salamander (Notice) ($8) (cassette) (edition of 100)

Stefan Thut/Stefan Cooke-aussen raum (Notice) ($8) (cassette) (edition of 100)

Cristián Alvear/Yuma Takeshita/Yuji Ishihara-Tumo Plays Cristián Alvear (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (edition of 300)

Seijiro Murayama/Toshihiro Koike/Martin Taxt-Duo and Trio (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (edition of 200)

suzueri/Makoto Oshiro-Duo (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (edition of 200)

Tomoe Takizawa-Breathing (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (edition of 300)

Masamichi Kinoshita/Tomoki Tai/Takumi Ikeda/Takuya Harashima-Electric Powered Music Concert (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (edition of 200)

Zhu Wenbo/Zhao Cong/Takashi Masubuchi/Masahide Tokunaga/Yuma Takeshita/Yuji Ishihara/Hiroyuki Ura-Trio and Septet (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (edition of 200)


Jürg Frey-120 Pieces Of Sound (elsewhere) ($14)

Clara de Asis-Without (elsewhere) (performed by Erik Carlson/Greg Stuart) ($14)

Stefan Thut-about (elsewhere) (performed by Akama/Chase/Culley/Farmer/wie/Thut)


Matthew Revert‎–Letters To Friends Of The Late Darcy O'Meara (Round Bale) (C50 cassette) ($9)

Jason Lescalleet-Almost Is Almost Good Enough (Glistening Examples) (CDr) ($11) (reissue of a limited edition 2017 cassette with an added bonus track)

Jason Lescalleet-This Is What I Do, Volume 11 (Glistening Examples) (CDr) ($11) (Jason's DJ Screw tribute, my favorite of the TIWID series)

Jason Lescalleet-Mattresslessness (Glistening Examples) (CDr) ($11) (remastered reissue of a great early Lescalleet CD from 2002, originally on Cut)

Thomas Tilly-Codex Amphibia (Glistening Examples) (CDr) ($11)


Biliana Voutchkova/Michael Thieke-Blurred Music (elsewhere) ($28) (3 CDs) (edition of 500)

Melaine Dalibert-Musique pour le lever du jour (elsewhere) ($14) (edition of 500)


Taku Sugimoto/Stefan Thut (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (edition of 200)

Jean-Luc Guionnet/Seijiro Murayama-Idiophonic (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (edition of 300)

Kazuo Imai/Roger Turner-Molecules (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) (2 CDs) ($20) (edition of 400)


Derek Baron/Alec Livaditis (Silt Editions) ($8) (C30 split cassette, not a collab) (edition of 70)

Prune Bécheau-Stries Ton, Tripes Et Poils (Weighter) ($13) (solo record from a member of Pancrace)

Matt Sargent-Ghost Music (Weighter) ($13)

Sarah Hennies/Clay Odom/Sean O'Neill (Weighter) ($13) (60 minute region-free DVD, comes with a DL code for separate audio also)


Pascal Battus/Bertrand Gauguet/Eric La Casa-Chantier 4 (Swarming) ($14)

Eric La Casa-Paris Quotidien (Swarming) ($16) (CD and 60 page booklet)

Eric La Casa-AIR.ratio (Swarming) ($14)

Jarrod Fowler/Taku Unami-Species Pluralis (No Schools) (USB) ($19) (around 2 hours long, this is the complete series from this duo)

Vanessa Rossetto-Rocinante (Hologram) ($10) (CDr) (numbered limited edition of 100)

Kevin Drumm-Inexplicable Hours (Sonoris) ($13)

The List


Paul Abbott/Grundik Kasyansky-green ribbon residue, in this case (Cathnor) (3" CDr) ($8)

Christine Abdelnour/Bonnie Jones/Andrea Neumann-AS:IS (Olof Bright) ($15)

Chris Abrahams/Burkhard Beins-Instead of the Sun (Herbal) ($14)

Chris Abrahams/Lucio Capece-None of Them Would Remember It That Way (Mikroton) ($14)

Active Recovering Music-Active Recovering Music (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (slide whistle octet led by Okura and including Unami and Kawaguchi) limited edition of 500)

*Activity Center (Burkhard Beins/Michael Renkel)-lohn & brot (Absinth) ($16)

*Activity Center (Michael Renkel/Burkhard Beins)/Phil Minton (Absinth) ($16)

Ignacio Agrimbau-Anatomy of the Self Vol. 2 (Every Contact Leaves A Trace) (CDr) ($11) (edition of 100)

Ryoko Akama/Ko Ishikawa/Bruno Duplant-2 Compositions (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Tetuzi Akiyama-Playback 09 (Wild Horses) (CD-R) ($10) (16:49 long) (Commune Disc)

Tetuzi Akiyama-Striking Another Match (Utech) (CD-R) ($13) (edition of 200)

*Tetuzi Akiyama/Oren Ambarchi/Alan Licht-Willow Weep And Moan For Me (Antiopic) (3"CD) ($8)

Tetuzi Akiyama/Tim Barnes/Masafumi Ezaki-Futuro (Quakebasket) ($13)

Tetuzi Akiyama/Magnus Granberg/Henrik Olsson-Whose Words? (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Tetuzi Akiyama/Paul Hood-Playback 07 (Commune-Disc) (CDr) ($10)

Tetuzi Akiyama/Jason Kahn-Till We Meet Again (For 4 Ears) ($14)

Tetuzi Akiyama/Jason Kahn/Toshimaru Nakamura-Between Two (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Tetuzi Akiyama/Jason Kahn/Toshimaru Nakamura-IHJ/Ftarri (Winds Measure) ($13)

Tetuzi Akiyama/Takuji Kawai-Transition (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (numbered limited edition of 450)

Tetuzi Akiyama/Toshimaru Nakamura/Taku Sugimoto/Mark Wastell-Foldings (Confront) ($14)

Tetuzi Akiyama/Martin Ng-Oimacta (Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Tetuzi Akiyama/Makoto Oshiro/suzueri/Roger Turner-Live at Ftarri (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Tetuzi Akiyama & Phantom Limb-Hot Ginger (Archive) ($12)

Christian Alati/Giuseppe Ielasi/Ruggero Radaele-self-titled (Sonoris) ($10)

Rodolphe Alexis/Stephane Rives-Winds Doors Poplars (Herbal) ($14)

Alles 3 (Toshimaru Nakamura/Nicholas Bussmann)-I Know How You Frown (SubJam/KwanYin) ($17)

Jeffrey Allport/Joda Clément/Chandan Narayan-The Party (Simple Geometry) ($10)

Cristián Alvear-Quatre Pieces Poir Guitare & Ondes Sinusoidales (Rhizome-S) (CDr) ($13) (pieces by Lucier, Akama, Duplant and Astaburuaga)

Cristián Alvear/Seijiro Murayama-Karoujite (Potlatch) ($15)

Cristián Alvear/Yuma Takeshita/Yuji Ishihara-Tumo Plays Cristián Alvear (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (edition of 300)

*Oren Ambarchi-Intermission 2000-2008 (Touch) ($15)

*Laura Andel-Electric Percussive Orchestra (Rossbin) ($10)

Casey Anderson-Radios (A Wave Press) ($12)

Casey Anderson/Jason Kahn/Norbert Möslang/Günter Müller/Mark Trayle-Five Lines (Mikroton) ($14) (edition of 300)

Angle (Jean-Luc Guionnet/Jean-Philippe Gross)-Premier Angle ($15)

*Thomas Ankersmit-Live In Utrecht (Ash International) ($15)

*Karel Appel-Musique Barbare (Sub Rosa) ($16)

Ap'strphe (Ferran Fages/Dimitra Lazaridou Chatzigoga)-Objects Sense Objectes (Etude) ($13)

*Ricardo Arias-Música Global (Nurnichtnur) ($13)

árum (Lali Barriére/Juan Matos Capote)-colors (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

As Loud As Possible, issue #1 (magazine) ($11) (166 pages, "the noise culture magazine")

Patrick Ascione-Métamorphose D’un Jaune Citron (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

Santiago Astaburuaga-Grado de Potencia #1 (Caduc) ($12) (CDr) (edition of 100)

*Astro Twin/Cosmos-Astro Twin/Cosmos (F.M.N. Sound Factory) (2 CDs) ($22)

*Aube + M.B.-Mectpyo Saisei (PARAdisc) ($13)

Autistic Daughters-Uneasy Flowers (Kranky) ($14)


Serge Baghdassarians & Boris Baltschun-13:46\11:04\25:09\\ (Charhizma) ($15)

Serge Baghdassarians/Boris Baltschun/Burkhard Beins-zur stabilen st¸tzung eines kˆrpers ist es notwendig dafl er mindestens drei auflagenpunkte hat, die nicht in einer geraden liegen (Absinth Records) ($16)

Serge Baghdassarians/Boris Baltschun/Burkhard Beins-Future Perfect (Mikroton) ($14)

*Serge Baghdassarians/Boris Baltschun/Alessandro Bosetti/Michel Doneda-Strom (Potlatch) ($15)

Derek Bailey/Steve Lacy-Outcome (Potlatch) ($15)

Bang The Bore-Twelve Tapes (Every Contact Leaves A Trace) (CDr) ($11) (edition of 100)

Ruth Barberán-Capacidad De Pérdida (Creative Sources) ($14)

Ruth Barberán/Alfredo Costa Monteiro/Ferran Fages/Margarida Garcia-Octante (l'innomable) (CDr) ($11)

Dave Barnes/Richard Kamerman/Graham Stephenson-Three Duos (Copy For Your Records) (CD-R) ($10)

Tim Barnes/Jeph Jerman-Live + Gallery Denver (no label) (CDr) ($10) (recorded in 6/05)

Tim Barnes/Toshio Kajiwara/Marina Rosenfeld-A Water's Wake (Quakebasket) ($13)

Tim Barnes/Mark Wastell (The Scotch Of St. James)-Live At AMPLIFY 2004: addition (Confront Collector Series) ($12)

Derek Baron/Alec Livaditis (Silt Editions) ($8) (C30 split cassette, not a collab) (edition of 70)

Marc Baron-Hidden Tapes (Potlatch) ($15)

Marc Baron-Un Salon Au Fond D'Un Lac (Potlatch) ($15)

Marc Baron/Bertrand Denzler/Jean-Luc Guionnet/Stéphane Rives-Propagations (Potlatch) ($15)

William Basinski-Disintegration Loop 1.1 (Vector/Headz) (DVD) ($22)

*Pascal Battus-Pick-Up (Amor Fati) (CD) ($14)

Pascal Battus-Simbol/L'Unique Trait D'Pinceau (Herbal) (2 CDs) ($23)

Pascal Battus/Bertrand Gauguet/Eric La Casa-Chantier 4 (Swarming) ($14)

Pascal Battus/Lionel Marchetti/Emmanuel Petit-La Vie Dans Les Bois (Herbal) ($14)

Pascal Battus/Alfredo Costa Monteiro-Felure (Organized Music From Thessaloniki) ($13) (edition of 200)

Pascal Battus/Christine Sehnaoui Abdelnour-Ichnites (Potlatch) ($15)

Pascal Battus/Dafne Vicente-Sandoval (Potlatch) ($21) (2 CDs)

Martin Baumgartner-Shoot's Huft (For 4 Ears) ($12)

Prune Bécheau-Stries Ton, Tripes Et Poils (Weighter) ($13) (solo record from a member of Pancrace)

BEFOREHAND (Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga/Mark Wastell)-Live At Hundred Years Gallery (Confront Collector Series) ($12)

Burkhard Beins-Disco Prova (Absinth) ($16)

Burkhard Beins-Structural Drift (Edition Künstlerhäuser Worpswede) ($16)

Burkhard Beins/Lucio Capece/Rhodri Davies/Toshimaru Nakamura-SLW (Formed) ($12)

Burkhard Beins/Lucio Capece/Martin Küchen/Paul Vogel-Fracture Mechanics (Mikroton) ($14)

Burkhard Beins/Michael Thieke/Luca Venitucci-Roman Tics (Cathnor) (3" CDr) ($8)

Ilia Belorukov/Kurt Liedwart-Obwod (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

Ilia Belorukov/Kurt Liedwart-Vtoroi (Mikroton) ($14)

Claire Bergerault/Jean-Luc Guionnet-mune (Cathnor) ($14)

Berlin-Buenos Aires Quintet (Neumann/Capece/Merce/Hayward/Paiuk)-self-titled (l'innomable) (CDr) ($11) (new release!)

Michael R. Bernstein/Mike Shiflet-Live, New York (their ErstQuake 3 set) (Gameboy) (CDr) ($10)

Antoine Beuger-calme étendue (spinoza)(Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Antoine Beuger-Keine Fernen Mehr (Edition Wandelweiser) (2 CDs) ($18)

Antoine Beuger-Ockeghem Octets (Another Timbre) ($14)

Antoine Beuger-Silent Harmonies In Discrete Continuity (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Antoine Beuger-24 petits préludes pour la guitare (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Antoine Beuger-Two.Too (for Erwin-Josef Speckmann) (Edition Wandelweiser) (2 CDs) ($18)

Antoine Beuger/John Cage-calme étendue/Music For One (performed by Kathryn Gleasman Pisaro) (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Antoine Beuger/John Cage-dialogues (silences)/Music For One (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13) (performed by Jürg Frey)

Antoine Beuger/Christopher Fox/Eva-Maria Houben/Thomas Stiegler-Chants (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13) (pieces from those four composers performed by Irene Kurka)

Antoine Beuger/Jürg Frey--Dedalus (Potlatch) ($15)

Beuger/Weeks/Boon/Corbett/Brass/Houben-beten.prayer (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13) (various works performed by Irena Kurka-soprano)

Peter Blamey-Salted Felt (Impermanent Recordings) ($13)

Blanco Niño (Brent Gutzeit/Mike Shiflet) (BOXmedia) (CDr) ($10)

*Olivia Block-(untitled) (Another Timbre) ($14) (new work for piano and organ)

Frédéric Blondy/Lê Quan Ninh-Exaltatio utriusque mundi (Potlatch) ($15)

Cyril Bondi-Euhesma, 2017 (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13) (performed by Cyril Bondi and d'Incise)

Thomas Bonvalet/Jean-Luc Guionnet-Fusées (Weighter) ($13)

Dante Boon-Düsseldorf Recital (Rhizome-S) (CDr) ($13)

Dante Boon-For Clarinet (& Piano) (Another Timbre) ($14) (performed by Jürg Frey and Dante Boon)

Rasmus Borg/Henrik Mukeby Norstebo-120112 (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

*Alessandro Bosetti-Zwolfzungen (Sedimental) ($14)

Alessandro Bosetti/Chris Abrahams-We Who Had Left (Mikroton) ($14)

Alessandro Bosetti/Michel Doneda/Bhob Rainey-Places dans l'air (Potlatch) ($15)

Alessandro Bosetti/Annette Krebs-Bosetti/Krebs (Grob) ($12)

Boubaker/Pontevia/Werchowska-A Floating World (Mikroton) ($14)

Dietmar Brehm-Black Garden (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($24)

Broken Consort (Matt Davis/Rhodri Davies/Mark Wastell)-Done (Quakebasket) ($13)

*Bruckmann/Dafeldecker/Hauf-Wane (Formed) ($12)

BSC-Manual (book+CD-R) (No Books) ($23) (I only have a handful of these, so act quickly if you're interested)

*Tony Buck/Cor Fuhler/Anna Zaradny-Lighton (Musica Genera) ($14)

Mike Bullock-Initial (Chloë) ($12)

Michael Bullock/Mazen Kerbaj/Vic Rawlings-Mawja Studio One (Al Maslakh) ($15)

Michael Bullock/Andrew Lafkas-Ceremonies To Breathe Upon (Winds Measure) ($13)

*Dan Burke/Thomas Dimuzio-Hz (Sonoris) ($10)

*John Butcher-The Geometry of Sentiment (Emanem) ($18)

John Butcher-Music On Seven Occasions (Meniscus) ($12)

John Butcher-Resonant Spaces (Confront) ($14)

John Butcher/Xavier Charles/Axel Dorner (The Contest Of Pleasures)-Albi Days (Potlatch) ($15)

John Butcher/Rhodri Davies-Carliol (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

John Butcher/Rhodri Davies (w/Chris Watson)-Routing Lynn (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

John Butcher/Leonel Kaplan/Christof Kurzmann-Shortening Distance (l'innomable) (CDr) ($11)

*John Butcher/Christof Kurzmann-The Big Misunderstanding Between Hertz And Megahertz (Potlatch) ($15)

John Butcher/Dylan Van Der Schyff-Points, Snags, and Windings (Meniscus) ($12)


John Cage-Branches (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

John Cage-Cartridge Music (Another Timbre) ($13) (performed by Cornford/Monteiro/Curgenven/Fages/Farmer/Jones/Patterson)

John Cage-Cartridge Music (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

John Cage-Composition In Retrospect (Exact Change book) ($15)

John Cage-Early Music (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

John Cage-Empty Words (Edition Wandelweiser) (2 CDs) ($18) (recorded/assembled by Antoine Beuger, please note that these are CDs containing 320k MP3s, so there is ten hours of music here)

John Cage-Klang der Wandlungen (Edition RZ) (3 CDs) ($39)

John Cage-one/9 (Edition Wandelweiser) (2 CDs) ($18) (performed by Edwin Alexander Buchholz)

John Cage-Winter Music (Another Timbre) ($14) (for four pianos, performed by John Tilbury, Philip Thomas, Catherine Laws and Mark Knoop)

*John Cage/Morton Feldman-Music For Keyboard 1935-1948/The Early Years (New World) (2 CDs) ($29)

Cage/Frey/Vriezen/Feldman/Ayres/Johnson/Manion (Edition Wandelweiser) (2 CDs) ($18) (two discs of solo piano compositions from various composers, all performed by Dante Boon)

Cage/Pisaro/Frey/Beuger-Accordion Music (Edition Wandelweiser) (2 CDs) ($18) (includes Cage-Cheap Imitation)

John Cage/Burkhard Schlothauer-For Seven Players (includes Cage's Seven) (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

California Dolls (Ami Yoshida)-Dragon, Tiger, and Escargot (Commune Disc) ($16)

Lucio Capece-Factors of Space Inconstancy (Drone Sweet Drone) ($15)

Lucio Capece-Less is Less: Music for Flying and Pendulating Speakers (Intonema) ($15)

Lucio Capece-Zero Plus Zero (Potlatch) ($15)

Lucio Capece/Radu Malfatti-Berlinerstrasse 20 (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Lucio Capece/Radu Malfatti-Explorational (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

*Lucio Capece/Sergio Merce-Casa (Organized Music From Thessaloniki) ($13)

Erik Carlson-Piece For 12 Violins, Parts 1+2 (Marginal Frequency) (C60 cassette) ($8)

Erik Carlsson-Let's Fall In Love! (Bombax Bombax) (CD-R) ($13) (edition of 165)

*Edén Carrasco/Leonel Kaplan/Christof Kurzmann-Casa Corp (Dromos) (CDr) ($11)

Edén Carrasco/Leonel Kaplan/Christof Kurzmann-Una Casa/Observatorio (Three Chairs/Jardinista!) (CDr) ($10)

Todd Carter/Robert Lomblad - Epigenetic Preschool (Field Recordings And Images From Chicago) (Boxmedia) (2CDr + Photos) ($14)

Angélica Castelló/Mario de Vega/Attila Faravelli/Burkhard Stangl-SQID (Mikroton) (2 CDs) ($21) (edition of 300)

Angélica Castelló/Billy Roisz/Burkhard Stangl/Dieb13-Scuba (Mikroton) ($14)

Scott Cazan-Ingress (A Wave Press) ($12)

CCMC-Accomplices (Victo) ($12)

Barry Chabala/Bonnie Jones/Louisa Martin/Tisha Mukarji/Toshimaru Nakamura/Gabriel Paiuk-unbalanced in (unbalanced out) (Another Timbre) (CD-R) ($12)

Chadlehn-c inside (Grob) ($14)

*Xavier Charles-La Neige Attend la Neige (A Bruit Secret) (3" CD) ($9)

Xavier Charles/Jean-Philippe Gross/Franz Hautzinger/Lionel Marchetti-Tsstt! (Monotype) ($15)

Charlie Charlie-La Respiration des Saintes (Antboy) (3" CDr) ($6)

Loren Chasse-The Air In The Sand (Naturestrip) ($14)

Loren Chasse-The Footpath (Naturestrip) ($14)

Cheapmachines (Phil Julian)-Secede (Entr'acte) ($12)

Chicago Sound Map-Performs Compositions by Olivia Block and Ernst Karel (Kuro Neko) ($12)

Michel Chion-Credo Mambo (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

*Michel Chion-Gloria (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

Michel Chion/Lionel Marchetti/Jérôme Noetinger-Filarium (Vand'Oeuvre) (2CD) ($25)

Michel Chion/Lionel Marchetti/Jérôme Noetinger-Les 120 Jours (Fringes) (2CD) ($25)

Chip Shop Music (Erik Carlsson/David Lacey/Paul Vogel/Martin Küchen)/Toshimaru Nakamura-Protocol (Mathka) ($15)

Choi Joonyong-Burn Yoido Burn (Ghost & Son) (3" CDr) ($8)

Choi Joonyong-White Disc Ver. 2 (Balloon & Needle) (CDr) ($12)

Choi Joonyong/Kevin Drumm/Hong Chulki-Normal (Balloon & Needle) ($14)

Choi Joonyong/Hong Chulki-Hum & Rattle (Balloon & Needle) ($13)

Choi Joonyong/Park Seungjun-Driller (Balloon & Needle) ($14)

Linda Christanell-The Nature of Expression (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($24)

*Joda Clément-Sea Songs (Caduc) ($12) (CDr) (edition of 100)

Joe Colley-No Way In (Glistening Examples) (LP) ($24)

Henry Collins-The Masters (Every Contact Leaves A Trace) (CDr) ($11) (edition of 100)

Henry Collins-Music of Sound (Every Contact Leaves A Trace) (CDr) ($11) (edition of 100)

Common Objects (John Butcher/Rhodri Davies/Lee Patterson)-Live In Morden Tower (Mikroton) ($14)

Common Objects (John Butcher/Angharad Davies/Rhodri Davies/Lina Lapelyte/Lee Patterson/Pat Thomas)-Skullmarks (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (edition of 600)

Cool Quartet w/Lina Nyberg (featuring Eric La Casa)-Dancing In Tomelilla (Hibari) ($15) (also featuring Axel Dörner)

Seth Cooke-Four No-Input Field Recordings (Every Contact Leaves A Trace) (CDr) ($11) (edition of 100)

Seth Cooke-Sightseer (Organized Music From Thessaloniki) (3" CDr) ($7) (edition of 100)

Coppice-Big Wad Excisions (Quakebasket) ($13)

Eric Cordier-Osorezan (Herbal) ($14)

Eric Cordier/Seijiro Murayama-Nuit (Herbal) ($14)

Stephen Cornford/Ben Gwilliam-On Taking Things Apart (Winds Measure) ($13)

*Anla Courtis-Tape Works (Pogus) ($12)

Alan Courtis/Jaime Genovart/Christof Kurzmann/Pablo Reche-Palmar Zähler (Mikroton) ($14)

Courtis(Reynols)/Lasse Marhaug-North and South Neutrino (Antifrost) ($10)

*Cranc (Angharad Davies/Rhodri Davies/Nikos Veliotis)-Copper Fields (Organized Music from Thessaloniki/Absurd) ($13)

Cremaster-Igneo (Cathnor) (3" CDr) ($8)

Cremaster-Live At Audiograft (Consumer Waste) (CDr) ($13)

*Cremaster-Noranta Graus a l'Esquerra (Monotype) ($15)

Cremaster/Angharad Davies-Pluie Fine (Potlatch) ($15)

Pascale Criton-Infra (Potlatch) ($15) (performed by Ensemble Dedalus)

*Frederik Croene & Esther Venrooy-Hout (Robo Records) ($12)

Culpis-Situation Vacant Columns (PARAdisc) ($11)

Cult Junk Café (Featuring Otomo Yoshihide)-self-titled (Gentle Giant) ($8)

Alvin Curran/Domenico Sciajno-Our Ur (Rossbin) ($10)


D-Untitles (Soul Static Sound) ($10)

*Dadawah-Peace And Love (Dug Out) ($15) (one of the best Jamaican records you'll ever hear, dub/nyabhingi from 1974)

Werner Dafeldecker/Christof Kurzmann/John Tilbury/Stevie Wishart-violet (Mikroton) ($14)

Werner Dafeldecker/Valerio Tricoli-Williams Mix Extended (Quakebasket) ($13) (a new realization based on the score of John Cage's Octophonic tape piece Williams Mix from 1952)

Anders Dahl-Doorbells (Bombax Bombax) (CD-R) ($13) (edition of 165)

Anders Dahl-16 Rows (Bombax Bombax) (CD-R) ($13) (edition of 165)

Andres Dahl/Patrick Farmer/Christian Munthe-Rhino (Bombax Bombax) (CD-R) ($13) (edition of 165)

Riuichi Daijo/Keitetsu Murai/Tetsuro Fujimaki-Reach Out to Touch (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Melaine Dalibert-Musique pour le lever du jour (elsewhere) ($14) (edition of 500)

Moniek Darge-Crete Soundies (Kye) ($15)

Moniek Darge-Sacred Balinese Soundies, Mauro's Song (Kye) ($15)

Moniek Darge-Soundies (Selected Work 1980-2001) (Kye) ($15)

Moniek Darge-Sounds Of Sacred Places (Kye) ($15)

Moniek Darge/Graham Lambkin-Indian Soundies (Kye) ($15) (four tracks, 2 Darge, 1 Lambkin/Darge, 1 Lambkin)

*Neil Davidson-Do Not Send To Tweed (Cathnor) (3" CDr) ($8)

Neil Davidson/Michael Duch-Oera (Consumer Waste) (CDr) ($13) (edition of 100)

Angharad Davies-Six Studies (Confront Collector Series) ($12)

Rhodri Davies-Over Shadows (Confront) ($14)

Rhodri Davies-Trem (Confront) ($14)

Rhodri Davies/David Lacey/Dennis McNulty-Poor Trade (Cathnor) ($15)

Rhodri Davies/Mark Wastell-Live In Melbourne (Mikroton) ($14)

*Matt Davis/Graham Halliwell-Old School House (Absurd) (CDr) ($12)

*Matt Davis/Ben Lancaster-Seen (A Field Record) (CDr) ($10)

Maria De Alvear-Besando EL Tiempo (Edition Wandelweiser) (2 CDs) ($18) (performed by Antoine Beuger-flute)

Clara de Asis-Without (elsewhere) (performed by Erik Carlson/Greg Stuart) ($14)

*Alain De Filippis-Ton Dieu Ne S'Appelle-T-Il Pas Ego? (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

*Roger De La Frayssenet (Lionel Marchetti)-Kitnabudja Town (Metamkine) ($13)

Deflag Haemorrhage/Haien Kontra (Mattin/Tim Goldie)-Luxury (Tochnit Aleph) ($15)

delicate sen-Four Years Later (since, why not) (Copy For Your Records) ($12) (trio of Billy Gomberg/Anne Guthrie/Richard Kamerman)

Délire-Diapora (Synaesthesia) ($13)

Bertrand Denzler-Tenor (Potlatch) ($15)

Developer-Developer (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

*Developer-untitled (Copy For Your Records) (21 minute cassette, numbered edition of 50) ($7)

Dieb13-Restructuring (Charhizma) ($15)

*Dieb 13/Jason Kahn/Günter Müller-Streaming (For 4 Ears) ($12)

Digital Live Radio Session (Julien Ottavi)-self-titled (fibrr) ($12)

D'Incise-Impermeability (Consumer Waste) (CDr) ($13) (edition of 100)

Devin DiSanto-Tracing A Boundary (Task) ($12)

Doe/Eso Steel/Birchville Cat Motel-Galleries 4-6 (20City) ($12)

The Dogmatics (Chris Abrahams/Kai Fagaschinski)-The Sacrifice For The Music Became Our Lifestyle (Monotype) (LP) ($19)

*Michel Doneda/Urs Leimgruber/Keith Rowe-The Difference Between A Fish (Potlatch) ($15)

Michel Doneda/Olivier Toulemonde/Nicolas Desmarchelier-Le Terrier (Monotype) ($15)

Axel Dörner/Diego Chamy-Super Axel Dörner (Absinth) ($17)

*Axel Dörner/Greg Kelley/Andrea Neumann/Bhob Rainey-Thanks, Cash (Sedimental) ($12)

Axel Dörner/Toshimaru Nakamura-vorhernach (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Drašler/Karlovčec/Drašler-Stir (Zavod Sploh/l'innomable) ($11)

Kevin Drumm-The Damned Sort (self-released) (3 CD-Rs) ($25) (hand packaged by Kevin and limited)

Kevin Drumm-Electronic Harrassment ii-iii (self-released) (CD-R) ($12) (hand packaged by Kevin and limited)

Kevin Drumm-Electronic Harassment 4-5 (self-released) (2 CD-Rs) ($18) (hand packaged by Kevin and limited)

Kevin Drumm-Imperial Horizon (Hospital) ($14)

Kevin Drumm-Inexplicable Hours (Sonoris) ($13)

Kevin Drumm-1983 (CD-R) ($12) (hand packaged by Kevin and limited)

*Kevin Drumm-Phantom Jerk (self-released) (CD-R) ($12) (hand packaged by Kevin and limited)

Kevin Drumm-Purge (iDEAL) ($12) (CD reissue of a quickly OOP cassette from 2007)

Kevin Drumm-Quiet Nights (self-released) (CD-R) ($12) (hand packaged by Kevin and limited)

*Kevin Drumm-The Whole House (self-released) (CD-R) ($12) (hand packaged by Kevin and limited)

*Kevin Drumm/Daniel Menche-Gauntlet (Editions Mego) ($15)

Bertrand Dubedout-Aux Lampions (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

Michael Francis Duch-Edges (+3db) ($15) (compositions by Wolff/Brown/Feldman/Skempton)

Peter Duimelinks/Roel Meelkop/Ralf Wehowsky-Verklarte Tage (Sonoris) ($10)

Kyle Bobby Dunn-Fragments & Compositions of (Sedimental) ($12)

Bruno Duplant-Slow Breath (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Bruno Duplant/Barry Chabala-La Nuit (Roeba) (CD-R) ($11)

Bruno Duplant/A.F. Jones-Les Tenebres Vertes Dans Les Soirs Humides de la Belle Saison ‎(Rhizome-S) (CDr) ($11)

Phil Durrant/Lee Patterson/Paul Vogel-Buoy (Cathnor) ($14)


E-Rax (Peter Bergen/Gert-Jan Prins/Thomas Lehn)-Antics (Infim) (DVD) ($15)

Matt Earle/Jason Kahn/Adam Sussmann-Draught (Consumer Waste) (CDr) ($13) (edition of 100)

Efzeg-Würm (Charhizma) ($15)

Fabrice Eglin/Jérôme Noetinger-Psychotic Reactions & Lightnin' Rag (A Bruit Secret) ($11)

The Elks (Liz Allbee/Kai Fagaschinski/Billy Roisz/Marta Zapparoli)-This Is Not The Ant (Mikroton) ($14)

Jean-Claude Eloy-Shanti (Hors Territoires) (2 CDs) ($37)

Emaciator-Remorse (EMR) (3" CDr) ($6)

English (Joe Foster/Bonnie Jones)-English (self-released) (CDr) ($11)

Sabine Ercklentz-Steinschlag (l'innomable) (CDr) ($13)

Sabine Ercklentz/Andrea Neumann-LAlienation (Herbal) ($14)

Carmina Escobar-Tzatzi (A Wave Press) ($12)

Eso Steel-Galleries 1-3 (20City) ($12)

Bryan Eubanks-Anamorphosis (Sacred Realism) ($14) (edition of 150)

Bryan Eubanks-The Bornholmer Suite (Nueni) ($15)

Bryan Eubanks-Intrinsic, Vol. 1 (EMR) (3" CDr) ($6)

Bryan Eubanks/Hong Chulki-Proper Motions (Celadon) ($13)

Bryan Eubanks/Jason Kahn-Drums Saxophone Electronics (Intonema) ($15)

Bryan Eubanks/Jason Kahn-Energy (Of) (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

Bryan Eubanks/David Kendall-Bryan Eubanks/David Kendall (EMR) (3" CDr) ($6)

Bryan Eubanks/Ryu Hankil-777 (Cathnor) (3" CDr) ($8)

Bryan Eubanks/Stéphane Rives-fq (Potlatch) ($15)

Franco Evangelisti-Franco Evangelisti (Edition RZ) (2 CDs) ($28)

Morgan Evans-Weiler-Unfinished Variations (for Jed Speare) (Weighter) ($13)


Kai Fagaschinski/Bernhard Gal-Going Round In Serpentines (Charhizma) ($15)

Kai Fagaschinski/Christof Kurzmann (Kommando Raumschiff Zitrone)-First Time Ever I Saw Your Face (Quincunx Sound Recordings) ($15)

Rebecca (Kai Fagaschinski/Michael Renkel)-Variation No. 12 (Esquilo) (CDr) ($13)

Kai Fagaschinski/Michael Thieke (The International Nothing)-The Dark Side of Success (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Kai Fagaschinski/Michael Thieke (The International Nothing)-In Doubt We Trust (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Kai Fagaschinski/Michael Thieke (The International Nothing)-Less Action, Less Excitement, Less Everything (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Kai Fagaschinski/Michael Thieke (The International Nothing)-Mainstream (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Ferran Fages-Al Voltant D'Un Paral.lel (Etude) ($13)

Ferran Fages-Cancons Per A Un Lent Retard (Etude Records) ($13)

Ferran Fages-For Pau Torres (Organized Music From Thessaloniki) ($13) (edition of 300)

Ferran Fages-Life Best Under Your Seat (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

Ferran Fages-Llavi Vell (l'innomable) (CDr) ($11)

Patrick Farmer-Yew Grotesque (Compost And Height) (book) ($13)

*Patrick Farmer/David Lacey-Pell-Mell The Prolix (Caduc) ($12) (CDr)

Patrick Farmer/David Lacey-Pictures of Men (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

Patrick Farmer/Dominic Lash-Bestiaries (Cathnor) ($14)

Sylvia Fassler/Billy Roisz-Skylla (Editions Mego) ($16)

Tim Feeney-Caroline (Weighter) ($13)

Morton Feldman-Crippled Symmetry: at June in Buffalo (Frozen Reeds) (2 CDs) ($23)

Morton Feldman-Morton Feldman (Edition RZ) ($16)

*Fennesz-Black Sea (Touch) ($15)

*Fennesz-Hotel Paral.lel (Editions Mego) ($16) (2007 remastered version with bonus track and video)

Fennesz-Plus Forty Seven Degrees 56' 37" Minus Sixteen Degrees 51'08" (Touch) ($16)

*Luc Ferrari (w/ eRikm)-Et tournent les sons (Cesare) ($14)

Luc Ferrari-Unheimlich Schön (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

*Filament-29092000 (Amoebic) ($19)

Klaus Filip/Toshimaru Nakamura-Aluk (Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Klaus Filip/Toshimaru Nakamura/Andrea Neumann/Ivan Palacky-Messier Objects (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Ease (Klaus Filip/Noid)-No No No, No (Mikroton) ($14)

Klaus Filip/Dafne Vicente-Sandoval-remoto (Potlatch) ($15)

Flaming Ears-Ursula Purrer, A Hans Scheirl, Dietmar Schipek (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)

Steve Flato-Salon De Flato (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

Formanex-Pic-nic (fibrr) ($12)

*Joe Foster-Ethics (self-released solo) (CD-R) ($15) (last copies!)

Joe Foster/Hong Chulki/Takahiro Kawaguchi/Ryu Hankil-Oscillation Vacillation (Balloon & Needle) ($14)

Jarrod Fowler/Taku Unami-Species Pluralis (No Schools) (USB) ($19) (around 2 hours long, this is the complete series from this duo)

Robin Fox-Backscatter (Synaesthesia) (PAL DVD - WILL NOT PLAY ON NTSC MACHINES) ($15)

Fraufraulein (Billy Gomberg/Anne Guthrie)-Extinguishment (Another Timbre) ($14)

French Family Fun (Jean Paul Jenkins and Bryan Eubanks) (EMR) (3" CDr) ($6)

Jürg Frey-L'ame Est Sans Retenue III [1997 - 2000] (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14) (electronic music, composed and realized by Frey)

Jürg Frey-Circles and Landscapes (Another Timbre) ($14) (for piano, performed by Philip Thomas)

Jürg Frey-Ephemeral Constructions (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Jürg Frey-Collection Gustave Roud (Another Timbre) ($24) (2 CDs) (perfomed by Jürg Frey, Dante Boon, Stefan Thut, Andrew McIntosh and others)

Jürg Frey-Grizzana and Other Pieces 2009-2014 (Another Timbre) ($24) (2 CDs) (perfomed by a septet including Jürg Frey)

*Jürg Frey-Guitarist Alone (Another Timbre) ($24) (2 CDs) (perfomed by Cristián Alvear)

Jürg Frey-Klaviermusik 1978-2001 (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

*Jürg Frey-Landschaft Mit Wörtern (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Jürg Frey-More or Less (New Focus) ($14) (perfromed by

Jürg Frey-120 Pieces Of Sound (elsewhere) ($14)

Jürg Frey-Pianist, Alone (Irritable Hedgehog) ($19) (2 CDs) (performed by Andy Lee)

Jürg Frey-Piano Music (Irritable Hedgehog) ($14)

Jürg Frey-String Quartet No, 3/Unhörbare Zeit (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Jürg Frey-String Quartets (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Jürg Frey-24 Wörter (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13) (performed by Dante Boon/Andrew McIntosh/Regula Konrad)

Jürg Frey-Weites Land, Tiefe Zeit: Räume 1-8 (B-Boim Records) (8 individual CDrs) ($100)

Jürg Frey/Antoine Beuger-Duos (one long piece from each composer) (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Jürg Frey/Magnus Granberg-Early to Late (Another Timbre) ($14) (one lengthy piece from each composer, performed by Ensemble Grizzana, including both composers)

Reinhold Friedl-Mutanza (Bolt/Bocian) ($15)

*Cor Fuhler-Puzzle 2 (Conundrom) (CDr) ($12) (various leftover pieces totalling 74:01)

Cor Fuhler-Stengam (Potlatch) ($15)


Harley Gaber-Indra's Net (Edition RZ) ($16)

Harley Gaber-The Winds Rise In The North (Edition RZ) (2 CDs) ($28)

Ivan Ladislav Galeta-Obsession: Structuring Time and Space (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)

Margarida Garcia/Mattin-For Permitted Consumption (l'innomable) (CDr) ($11)

Margarida Garcia/Barry Weisblat-Loran (Quakebasket) ($13)

Miguel A. Garcia-choirs (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

Bertrand Gauguet-Shiro (Herbal) ($14)

Bertrand Gauguet/Franz Hautzinger/Thomas Lehn-Close Up (Monotype) ($15)

Jeff Gburek-The Black Transparency, Volume II (Orphan Sound) (CDr) ($9)

Jeff Gburek-Djalma Primordial Science: The Only Escape Is A Dream (Orphan Sound) (CDr) ($9)

Michael Gendreau-vitoj (Auscultare/Ground Fault) ($10)

*Gibson/Recoder/Block-Aberration of Light: Dark Chamber Disclosure (Sedimental) (DVD-R) ($29) (limited edition, custom-made packaging, act fast if interested as I didn't get many copies)

Joe Gilmore-On Quasi-Convergence and Quiet Spaces (Cut) ($14)

God-Anti-Sex Anti-Wiretapping (Made In Taiwan) (Gameboy/Little Enjoyer) ($12)

*God-Each One Confinement Force (Rasbliutto) (CD-R) ($11)

GOO-s/t (fibrr) ($12)

Kevin Good-Listen (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Granular Synthesis-Remixes For Single Screen (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)

*Tomaž Grom-Sam, Za... (Zavod Sploh/l'innomable) ($11)

Tomaž Grom/Seijiro Murayama-Nepretrganost (l'innomable) ($11) (new release!)

Christine Groult-L'Heure Alors S'incline... (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

Gruppo Di Improvisazione Nuova Consonanza-self-titled (Edition RZ) ($16)

Grzinic/Smid-A Selection of Video Works from 1990-2003 (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($24)

Anthony Guerra-Empty Kingdoms (Black Petal) ($12)

*Anthony Guerra/Paul Hood/Joel Stern-Low Resistance Group (PARAdisc) ($13)

Anthony Guerra/Mark Sadgrove-Iron Sand (Black Petal) ($12)

Anthony Guerra/Nishide Takehiro-Scopa Possibilities (TwoThousandAnd) (CDr) ($12)

*Jean-Luc Guionnet-Bending Contumax. Organ works (2008-2014) (No Schools) (16 gb USB) ($27) (over 17 hours of recordings!)

Jean-Luc Guionnet-LAC (Lake) (Herbal) ($14)

Jean-Luc Guionnet-Non-Organic Bias (Herbal) (2 CDs) ($23)

Jean-Luc Guionnet/Dedalus-Distances Ouïes Dites (Potlatch) ($15)

Jean-Luc Guionnet/Eric La Casa-Home: Handover (Potlatch) (4 CDs) ($31)

Jean-Luc Guionnet/Seijiro Murayama-Idiophonic (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (edition of 300)

Jean-Luc Guionnet/Seijiro Murayama-Mishima, Day & Night (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Jean-Luc Guionnet/Seijiro Murayama-Window Dressing (Potlatch) ($15)

Jean-Luc Guionnet/Toshimaru Nakamura-MAP (Potlatch) ($15)

*Arek Gulbenkoglu-End-music (no label) ($14) (CDr) (edition of 77)

Arek Gulbenkoglu-Of Cruelty (Tristes Tropiques) ($13) (CDr) (edition of 77)

Arek Gulbenkoglu-Points Alone (Impermanent) ($14)

Arek Gulbenkoglu/Dale Gorfinkel-Vibraphone/Snare (Avant Whatever) (CDr) (numbered edition of 100, disc is 21:12 long) ($11)

Arek Gulbenkoglu/Adam Sussmann (The Rhizome Label) (CDr) ($12)

Cem Güney-Five Compositions (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Cem Güney-A Hint of An Emotion (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Bernhard Günter-Impossible Grey (Metamkine) (3" CDr) ($5)

Anne Guthrie/Barry Chabala-Preston Hollow (Roeba) (CD-R) ($11)

Anne Guthrie/Seymour Wright-Chelsea Bridge (Winds Measure) ($13) (edition of 300)


Haco-Stereo Bugscope 00 (Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Haco/Toshiya Tsunoda-TramVibration (skiti) ($16)

Graham Halliwell-Recorded Delivery (Confront Collectors Series) ($12)

*Graham Halliwell/Tomas Korber-The Large Glass (Cathnor) ($15)

Graham Halliwell/Lee Patterson-Terrain (Confront Collectors Series) (CDr) ($12)

Hammeriver (Cooper/Abrahams/Kurzmann/Delius/Thomas/Dafeldecker/Buck) (Mikroton) ($14)

Mark Hannesson-Angels (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Shoji Hano-48 (Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

*Jack Harris/Samuel Rodgers-Get Buried (Copy For Your Records) (CD-R) ($10) (edition of 100)

*Jack Harris/Samuel Rodgers-What's that for, mate? (Consumer Waste) (CDr) ($13)

*Michael Hartman - Emi Semi Umi (Field Recordings From Japan) (Boxmedia) (CDr) ($10)

*Russell Haswell-Live Salvage 1997-2000 (Mego) ($14)

Russell Haswell and Florian Hecker-Blackest Ever Black (WEA Classics) ($28)

Chihei Hatakeyama-Too Much Sadness (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Franz Hautzinger/Masahiko Okura/Tetuzi Akiyama-Rebuses (Monotype) ($15)

Andy Hayleck/Bonnie Jones-45:35 (CDr) ($11)

Helll-Pi (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Sarah Hennies/Tim Feeney-Nests (Rhizome-S) (CDr) ($13)

Sarah Hennies/Clay Odom/Sean O'Neill (Weighter) ($13) (60 minute region-free DVD, comes with a DL code for separate audio also)

Sarah Hennies/Greg Stuart-Rundle (Notice) ($8) (cassette) (edition of 100)

Volker Heyn-Sirènes (Edition RZ) ($16)

Kato Hideki/Tetuzi Akiyama/Toshimaru Nakamura-Omni (Presqu'ile) ($16)

*Kato Hideki/James Fei-Sieves (Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Keiko Higuchi/Shin-ichiro Kanda-Passing and Longing and There Is Only a Trace Left (Ftarri Uta/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Hildegard von Bingen/John Cage (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Shuta Hiraki/Radio ensembles Aiida/Zhu Wenbo/Zhao Cong/Leo Okagawa-Ftarri Fukubukuro 2018 (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (limited and numbered edition of 200)

Takahiro Hirama-thr eat rhy thm (Encadre) (CD-R) ($13)

Takahiro Hirama/Mitsuteru Takeuchi/Kanichiro Oda/Takefumi Naoshima-3 (Encadre) (CD-R) ($13)

Junji Hirose-No-Instrument Air Noise (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Junji Hirose-SSI-4 (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Junji Hirose-SSI-5 (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Junji Hirose-SSI-6 (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Hive Mind-Death Tone (Hanson) ($11)

Margriet Hoenderdos-Chamber Works (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Manfred Hofer-Nuora (Artonal/Charhizma) (Charhizma) ($15)

*Nick Hoffman-Bruiser (Pilgrim Talk) (CD-R) ($11)

Nick Hoffman-Necropolis (Organized Music From Thessaloniki) ($13) (edition of 200)

Nick Hoffman-Salamander (Notice) ($8) (cassette) (edition of 100)

Hong Chulki-Without Cartridge/With Cartridge (Balloon & Needle) (double 3" CDr) ($12)

*Hong Chulki/Tetuzi Akiyama/Jin Sangtae (Dotolim Live Series) ($16)

Hong Chulki/Jin Sangtae/Kevin Parks-音影 (Celadon) ($13)

Hototogisu-Brooming Mephitic Blast (Live in Porto) (Esquilo) (CDr) ($13)

Eva-Maria Houben-Air: Works for Flute and Organ (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Eva-Maria Houben-Aus Den Fliegenden Blättern Eines Fahrenden Waldhornisten (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Eva-Maria Houben-dazwischen/immer anders (Edition Wandelweiser) (2 CDs) ($18)

Eva-Maria Houben-Druids and Questions (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Eva-Maria Houben-livres d'heures (Edition Wandelweiser) (2 CDs) ($18)

Eva-Maria Houben-Lost In Dreams-Works For Piano (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Eva-Maria Houben-Organ Sonatinas And Drones (Edition Wandelweiser) (2 CDs) ($18)

Eva-Maria Houben-Orgelbuch (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

*Eva-Maria Houben-Piano Music (Irritable Hedgehog) ($14)

Eva-Maria Houben-von da nach da (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Eva-Maria Houben-Voice With Harp (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13) (performed by Tatiana Kuzina-soprano, Christine Kazarian-harp)

Eva-Maria Houben-Voice With Piano (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13) (performed by Irene Kurka-soprano, Eva-Maria Houben-piano)

Eva-Maria Houben-Works For Double Bass (Edition Wandelweiser) (2 CDs) ($18)

Eva-Maria Houben-Works For Flute (Edition Wandelweiser) (2 CDs) ($18)

*Eva-Maria Houben-Works For Piano (Edition Wandelweiser) (2 CDs) ($18)

Eva-Maria Houben-Works For Tromba Marina (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Eva-Maria Houben/Rebecca Lane/Sam Dunscombe-Observing Objects (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Earl Howard-Pele’s Tears (Random Acoustics) ($15)

Howlin' Ghost Proletarians (Michel Henritzi/Fabrice Eglin)-Dead Roads (Absurd) (CDr) ($10)

*Keith Hudson-Playing It Cool and Playing It Right (Basic Replay) ($15) (one of the best few dub discs ever made, fantastic!)

William Hutson-Six Or Seven Steps To The Door: Solo Improvisations (A Wave Press) ($12)


*I Treni Inerti (Ruth Barberán/Alfredo Costa Monteiro)-Ura (Creative Sources) ($14)

Wakana Ikeda/Yoko Ikeda/Aya Naito/Masahiko Okura/Taku Sugimoto-Suidobashi Chamber Ensemble (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (five pieces by Frey/Pisaro/Beuger)

Kazuo Imai-For Tentou Mishima (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Kazuo Imai-The Seasons Ill (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Kazuo Imai/Roger Turner-Molecules (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) (2 CDs) ($20) (edition of 400)

IMF (Ian M Fraser)-Harlem Electronics (Pilgrim Talk) (C15 casssette) ($6)

IST (Rhodri Davies/Simon H. Fell/Mark Wastell)-Berlin (Confront) ($11) (CDr) (in a metal box, CD looks like a vinyl 7")

IST (Rhodri Davies/Simon H. Fell/Mark Wastell)-Lodi (Confront Collectors Series) ($12)


Catherine Jauniaux/ErikM-Mal Des Ardents/Pantoneon (Mikroton) (2 CDs) ($21)

JP Jenkins/Joe Foster-Money Desert (self-released) ($12)

*Jeph Jerman-The Angle of Repose (no label) (CDr) ($10) (new 2009 release!)

Jeph Jerman-Cassette (Little Enjoyer) (C60 cassette) ($9)

Jeph Jerman-@STUK (no label) (CDr) ($10)

*Jeph Jerman/Jon Mueller-Nodes and Anti-Nodes (Crouton) (DVD) ($15)

Jeph Jerman/Doug Theriault-Tathata (Nitkie) ($10)

Jin Sangtae-d ear (popmusic25) (CDr) ($11) (edition of 100) Jin Sangtae-Extensity of Hard Disk Drive (Balloon & Needle) ($14)

*Jin Sangtae-Sacrifice 2 (Ghost & Son) (3" CDr) ($8)

Dennis Johnson-November (Invisible Hedgehog/Penultimate Press) (4 CD box) ($37)

Tom Johnson-Counting Keys (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Tom Johnson/Samuel Vriezen-The Chord Catalogue, Within Fourths/Within Fifths (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

A.F. Jones-Languor Yields (2 Compositions) (Rhizome-S) (CDr) ($11)

A.F. Jones-Rearward Through Forgottenness (Laminal Audio) (CDr) ($12)

Daniel Jones-When On and Off Collide (Cathnor) (3" CDr) ($8)

Daniel Jones/Barry Chabala-Undercurrents (Roeba) (CDr) ($10)

Phil Julian/Ben Owen-Between Landing (Auditory Field Theory/Authorised Version) ($13)

Yan Jun-Music For Listening on The Moon (Kwanyin/Subjam) ($14)

Hsia Yu/Yan Jun-7 Poems And Some Tinnitus (CD/book) (Sub Jam) ($26)


Gintas K-untitled (Copy For Your Records) (44 minute cassette, numbered edition of 50) ($7)

Jason Kahn-Beautiful Ghost Wave (Herbal) ($14)

Jason Kahn-Broken Place (Copy For Your Records) (73 minute cassette) ($7) (numbered edition of 50)

Jason Kahn-Things Fall Apart (Herbal) ($14)

Jason Kahn-Vanishing Point (23Five) ($15)

Jason Kahn/Asher-Planes (Mikroton) ($14)

Jason Kahn/Richard Francis-self-titled (Monochrome Vision) ($15)

Jason Kahn/Jason Lescalleet-Red Room (Chloë) ($12)

Jason Kahn/Takefumi Naoshima-In A Room (Winds Measure) ($13)

Jason Kahn/Ryu Hankil-Circle (Celadon) (2 CDs) ($19)

Jason Kahn/Ryu Hankil/Park Seungjun/Jin Sangtae/Choi Joonyong/Hong Chulki-Dotolim (Balloon & Needle) ($14)

Jason Kahn/Günter Müller/Christian Wolfarth-Limmat (Mikroton) ($14)

Jason Kahn/Tim Olive-Two Sunrise (845 Audio) ($13)

*Kalorifeur-Within The Hermitage (Absurd) (CDr) ($10)

*Richard Kamerman-I Stayed In The Apartment For Thirty-Two Days Without Leaving (Copy For Your Records) (3" CD-R) ($7)

Richard Kamerman-None For The Money (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

Richard Kamerman-Prophethead (CDr) ($7)

Margareth Kammerer-Why Is The Sea So Blue (Mikroton) ($14) (recorded in 2006 w/Kurzmann, Stangl, Dörner, etc., remixed in 2011 by Valerio Tricoli)

Satoshi Kanda/Nick Hoffman-Cockroach Boy (Pilgrim Talk) (CD-R) ($9)

Ernst Karel-Heard Laboratories (and/Oar) ($13)

Ernst Karel/Annette Krebs-Falter 1-5 (Cathnor) ($14)

Zbigniew Karkowski-Consciously Unconscious Unconsciously Conscious (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

Zbigniew Karkowski-IT (Mego) (3"CD) ($8)

*Zbigniew Karkowski/Daniel Menche-Unleash (Alien8) ($15)

Zbigniew Karkowski/Kasper T. Toeplitz-Le Depeupleur (Recordings Of Sleaze Art) ($15)

*Grundik Kasyansky-Light and Roundchair (Creative Sources) ($12)

*Takahiro Kawaguchi-n (Hibari) ($15)

Takahiro Kawaguchi/Choi Joonyong-Suncheon Hyanggyo (Balloon & Needle) ($14)

Takahiro Kawaguchi/Tim Olive/Makoto Oshiro-Airs (845 Audio) ($13)

Takahiro Kawaguchi/Shinjiro Yamaguchi-Hello (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Utah Kawasaki-U As In Utah (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) (2 CDs) ($23) (trio with the duo Ju Sei, indescribable mix of experimental and pop textures, kaleidoscopic in range)

Beat Keller/Tom Johnson/Joseph Kudirka-String Trios (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13) (performed by Haiku String Trio)

Greg Kelley-Self-Hate Index (Semata) ($12)

Greg Kelley-Trumpet (Meniscus) ($13)

Greg Kelley/Jason Lescalleet-Conversations (Glistening Examples) ($11)

*Greg Kelley vs. Mr. Dorgon-Three Occasions CDr ($10)

Fergus Kelly-A Congregation Of Vapours (Farpoint) ($13)

*Fergus Kelly/David Lacey-Bevel (Room Temperature) (CDr) ($10)

Mazen Kerbaj/Andrew Lafkas/Mike Bullock-Funkhaus (Fine Noise & Light) ($12) (CDr) (edition of 200)

Mazen Kerbaj/Toshimaru Nakamura-East Of Where? (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Keroaän (Ian M Fraser/Reed Evan Rosenberg)-Daunting In Its Variousness: First In A Suite Of An Indeterminate Number of Pieces (Copy For Your Records) (CD-R) ($8)

Kostis Kilymis-Accumulated (Organized Music From Thessaloniki) (CDr) ($10)

Kostis Kilymis-More Noise Ahead (Entr'acte/Organized Music from Thessaloniki) ($13)

*Kazushige Kinoshita-Segments (Slub) ($15)

*Kazushige Kinoshita/Masahiko Okura/Masafumi Ezaki-Kenon (Creative Sources) ($14)

Masamichi Kinoshita/Tomoki Tai/Takumi Ikeda/Takuya Harashima-Electric Powered Music Concert (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (edition of 200)

David Kirby-Cittakarnera (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

*Campbell Kneale/Mattin (CON-V) (CDr) ($10)

*Alison Knowles & Taketo Shimada-Fluxsweet (Rossbin) (CD+DVD) ($10)

Koboku Senju (Tetuzi Akiyama/Toshimaru Nakamura/Espen Reinertsen/Eivind Lonning/Martin Taxt)-Selektiv Hogst (Sofa) ($16)

Gottfried Michael Koenig-Gottfried Michael Koenig (Edition RZ) (2 CDs) ($28)

*Makigami Koichi-Moon Ether (Doubt Music) ($19)

*Toshihiro Koike-The Frog In The Well Knows Nothing of the Great Ocean (Tenseless) ($16)

Tomas Korber/Utah Kawasaki-Pocket Size Isolationism (Esquilo) (CDr) ($13)

Tomas Korber/Günter Müller/Steinbrüchel-momentan def. (Cut) ($14)

Tomas Korber/Gert-Jan Prins-RI 1.5442 (Cavity) ($16) (edition of 337)

Tomas Korber/Bernd Schurer-250904 (Balloon & Needle) (CDr) ($12)

Tomas Korber/Dan Warburton-Conspiracy Theory (l'innomable) (CDr) ($13)

Tomas Korber/Christian Weber/Christian Wolfarth-Mersault (Quakebasket) ($13)

Christoph Korn-Ich spreche diesen Text (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Christoph Korn-SIMEON (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Patrick Kosk-Mondweis (Edition RZ) ($16)

Glenn Kotche-Next (Quakebasket) ($12)

Katsuyoshi Kou/Satoshi Hironaka-State, State, State (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Katsuyoshi Kou/Toshimaru Nakamura-3 Amps (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Madoka Kouno-inside-out, outside-in (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Dariusz Kowalski-Optical Vacuum (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)

Tomasz Krakowiak-Moulins (Bocian) ($15)

Kurt Kren-Action Films (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)

*Kurt Kren-Which Way to CA? (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)

Ulrich Krieger-Up and Down 23 (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Philip Krumm-Formations (IDEA) ($10) (performed by 'Blue' Gene Tyranny in 1968)

Yoshio Kuge-The Fist (Hibari) ($15)

Christof Kurzmann-The Air Between (Charhizma) ($14)

Kurzmann/Vandermark/Reiter/Thomas/Brandlmayr-El Infierno Musical (Mikroton) ($14)

*Kuwayama-Kijima-01.05.10. (Alluvial Recordings) ($12)


Eric La Casa-AIR.ratio (Swarming) ($14)

Eric La Casa-Paris Quotidien (Swarming) ($16) (CD and 60 page booklet)

Eric La Casa-Secousses Panoramiques (Hibari) (3" CD) ($10)

Eric La Casa-Soundtracks (Herbal) ($14)

Eric La Casa-W2 (Water and Wind) (1998-2008) (Herbal) (2 CDs) ($23)

Eric La Casa/Jean-Luc Guionnet-Inscape. Lille-Flandres (Monotype) ($15)

Eric La Casa/Cedric Peyronnet-La Creuse (Herbal) ($14)

Eric La Casa/Cedric Peyronnet-Zones Portuaires (Herbal) (2 CDs) ($23)

Brandon Labelle-Automatic Radio (Fringes) ($14)

Brandon Labelle-Techné (A Bruit Secret) ($11)

Brandon LaBelle/Steve Roden-The Opening Of The Field (Digital Narcis) ($12)

Diane Labrosse/Ikue Mori/Martin Tétreault-île bizarre (Ambiances Magnétiques) ($13)

Diane Labrosse/Martin Tétreault/Haco-Lunch In Nishinomiya (Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

David Lacey/Paul Vogel-The British Isles (Homefront) (CDr) ($12)

Graham Lambkin-Came To Call Mine (book) (Penultimate Press) ($34) (I only have a handful of these, so act quickly if you're interested)

Klaus Lang-einfalt.stille (Edition RZ) ($16)

Klaus Lang-Sei-Jaku fur Streichquartett (Edition RZ) ($16)

*Jean-François Laporte-Mantra (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($7)

Corey Larkin–Raw Data Studies (Copy For Your Records) (3" CD-R) ($7)

Dominic Lash/Will Montgomery-Real As Any Place You've Been/Thames Water Live (Every Contact Leaves A Trace) (CDr) ($11) (edition of 100)

*Maria Lassnig-Animation Films (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)

Dimitra Lazaridou-Chatzigoga-Stroke By Stroke Organized Music From Thessaloniki) ($11)

*Lee Hangjun/Hong Chulki-Expanded Celluloid/Extended Photograph (Balloon & Needle) (DVD) ($19)

Ingrid Lee-Mouth to Mouth (Another Timbre) (CD-R) ($12)

C. Kenneth Lee-Dialogues With Environments (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Yann Leguay-Quasi Static Crack Propagation (Consumer Waste) ($15) (CD in an oversized sleeve, edition of 150)

Thomas Lehn/Marcus Schmickler-Neue Bilder (Mikroton) ($14)

*Lemur-Aegean (+3db) ($15)

Jason Lescalleet-Almost Is Almost Good Enough (Glistening Examples) (CDr) ($11) (reissue of a limited edition 2017 cassette with an added bonus track)

Jason Lescalleet-Mattresslessness (Glistening Examples) (CDr) ($11) (remastered reissue of a great early Lescalleet CD from 2002, originally on Cut)

*Jason Lescalleet-This Is What I Do, Volume One (Glistening Examples) (CDr) ($11)

Jason Lescalleet-This Is What I Do, Volume 11 (Glistening Examples) (CDr) ($11) (Jason's DJ Screw tribute, my favorite of the TIWID series)

Jason Lescalleet-To The Teeth (Glistening Examples) (CDr) ($11) (remastered reissue of a great small edition CD from 2005)

Jason Lescalleet-Trophy Tape (Glistening Examples) (DVD) ($14) (13 videos by 13 artists for the 13 tracks on disc 1 of Songs About Nothing, amazing packaging)

Lethe-Catastrophe Point #7 & #8 (Invisible Birds) (2 CDs) ($18)

George Lewis & Splitter Orchester-Creative Construction Set (Mikroton) ($14) (all-star Berlin orchestra featuring Axel Dörner, Robin Hayward, Kai Fagaschinski, Andrea Neumann, Michael Thieke, Burkhard Beins and many others)

*LHZ+H (Lehn/Hubsch/Zoubek/Hautzinger)-Scope (Monotype) ($15)

Alan Licht-A New York Minute (XI) (2 CDs) ($15)

Johan Lindvall-solo/ensemble (Edition Wandelweiser) (2 CDs) ($18)

Looper (Nikos Veliotis/Martin Küchen/Ingar Zach)-Dying Sun (Cathnor/Another Timbre) ($14)

Looper/John Tilbury-Mass (Esquilo) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($20)

*Francisco Lopez-Wasps (Longbox) (3"CD) ($8)

Gabi Losoncy-Nobody's Pushing You (Caduc) ($15) (CDr w/ 12 page color booklet) (edition of 100)

Lucier/Wolff/Schlothauer/Frey-EWR 9608 (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13) (performed by Jürg Frey)

Lugosi (Campbell Kneale, etc.)-Dawn (CMR) ($12)


*eRikm-Frame (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($7)

eRikm-Lux Payllettes (Entr'acte) ($15)

eRikm-Monofacemirror (Sonoris) ($10)

eRikm-Sixperiodes (Sirr) ($13)

eRikm-Variations Opportunistes (Ronda) ($10)

eRikm/Martin Brandlmayr-Ecotone (Mikroton) ($14) (edition of 300)

eRikm/Michel Doneda-Razine (Monotype) ($15)

eRikm/Norbert Möslang-Stodgy (Mikroton) ($14)

eRikm/Günter Müller/Toshimaru Nakamura-Why Not Béchamel (For 4 Ears) ($12)

eRikm/Martin Tétreault/Otomo Yoshihide-Trace Cuts (Musica Genera) ($14)

Sachiko M-Bar Sachiko (Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Sachiko M-Salon de Sachiko (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Maderna/Beuger/von Schweinitz/Stiegler-EWR 9606 (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13) (performed by Clemens Merkel-violin)

Massimo Magee-Poussez (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

Luciano Maggiore/Enrico Malatesta-Talabalacco (Consumer Waste) (CDr) ($13) (edition of 100)

Mike Majkowski-Bright Astonishment Of The Night (Bocian) ($15)

Enrico Malatesta-Benandare (Weighter) ($13)

J.O. Mallander-Extended Play/Decompositions (Anoema) ($13)

*Radu Malfatti-Cafe Oto 1 (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14) (performed by Dominic Lash-bass and Malfatti-sine waves)

Radu Malfatti-Claude Lorrain 1 (B-Boim Records) (CDr) (new 2008 release, for trombone solo and sinewaves, performed by Malfatti) ($14)

Radu Malfatti-darenootodesuka (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14) (performed by Beuger/Frey/Kaiser/Malfatti/Pisaro/Schlothauer in Nov 2011)

*Radu Malfatti-Das Pelzige M (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Radu Malfatti-Die Temperatur Der Bedeutung (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Radu Malfatti-Düsseldorf Oktett (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Radu Malfatti-Düsseldorf Vielfaches (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14) (2007 recording/composition, for 2 clarinets, 3 violins, viola, 2 violoncelloes, 2 flutes, trombone, 2 guitars, vibraphone and one pianostring with credit card)

Radu Malfatti-Friedrichshofquartett (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Radu Malfatti-Himmelgeister 19 (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Radu Malfatti-Hitsudan (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14) (performed by Cristián Alvear and Dominic Lash)

*Radu Malfatti-Hoffinger Nonett (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Radu Malfatti-Hoffingerquartett (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

*Radu Malfatti-L'Effacage (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14) (2008 release, for four bass drums, performed by Sarah Hennies)

Radu Malfatti-Kid Ailack 5 (B-Boim Records) (CDr) (2008 release, performed by Malfatti/Sugimoto/Unami/Beuger/Werder, recorded live in Tokyo in 11/2007) ($14)

Radu Malfatti-Nonostante II (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Radu Malfatti-Nonostante III (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Radu Malfatti-Rain Speak Soft Tree Listens (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Radu Malfatti-Raum-Zeit I (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14) 

*Radu Malfatti-Ruten (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Radu Malfatti-Shizuka Ni Furu Ame (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14) (performed by Cristián Alvear)

*Radu Malfatti-Tokyo Sextet (2005) Electronic Version (realized by Taku Unami) (Slub) ($15)

Radu Malfatti-Wechseljahre Einer Hyane (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Radu Malfatti/Kevin Drumm/Lucio Capece-The Volume Surrounding The Task (Potlatch) ($15)

Radu Malfatti/Jurg Frey/Michael Pisaro-Three Backgrounds (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Radu Malfatti/Ricardo Guerreiro/Ernesto Rodriguez-Shimosaki (B-Boim Records) (CDr) ($14)

Radu Malfatti/Taku Sugimoto-Futatsu (Improvised Music From Japan) (2CD) ($20)

Radu Malfatti/Taku Unami-Goat Vs Donkey (Taumaturgia) (CDr) ($13)

*Radu Malfatti/Taku Unami-Kushikushism (Slub) ($15)

Roberto Mallo/Miguel Prado/Ryu Hankil-Sannakji (Manual/Taumaturgia) ($15)

Lionel Marchetti-Mue (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

Lionel Marchetti-Train de nuit (Noord 3-683) (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

Lionel Marchetti-23 Formes en Élastique (CD/book) (Sub Jam) ($29)

*Lionel Marchetti/Jean-Baptiste Favory-100 000 Années (Monotype) (2 CDs) ($18) (one CD by each musician)

*Lionel Marchetti/Seijiro Murayama-Hatali Atsalei (l'echange des yeux) (Intransitive) ($12)

Walter Marchetti-Concerto Per La Mano Sinistra In Un Solo Movimento (Alga Marghen) ($19) (performed by Reinier van Houdt)

*Walter Marchetti-De Musicorum Infelicitate (Alga Marghen) ($19)

Marginal Consort-08.09.13 (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) (3 CDs) ($33) (edition of 500)

Lasse Marhaug/Mark Wastell-Kiss of Acid (Monotype) ($15)

Luke Martin-so softly that it came, a wild dim chatter, meaningless (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

*Kaffe Matthews-eb + flo (Annette Works) (2CD) ($17)

Kaffe Matthews/Andrea Neumann/Sachiko M-In Case Of Fire Take The Stairs (Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Wade Matthews/Alfredo Costa Monteiro-Winter (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

Mattin-Basque Rd. (Document) (CDr) ($13)

*Mattin-Proletarian of Noise (Hibari) ($10)

Mattin/Tim Barnes-Achbal Al Atlas (Little Enjoyer) ($11)

Mattin/Lucio Capece-No More Music (Why Not Ltd) (CDr) ($15)

*Mattin/Cremaster-Barcelona (Audiobot) (CDr) ($10)

Mattin/Taku Unami-Attention (Hibari/w.m.o/r) ($14)

Mara Mattuschka-Iris Scan (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)

Mawja (Mike Bullock/Mazen Kerbaj/Vic Rawlings)-Live One (Chloë) ($12)

Bohdan Mazurek-Sentinel Hypothesis (Bolt) (2 CDs) ($24)

Roel Meelkop-(onkyo ok) (CMR) ($12)

Roel Meelkop-Numbered Four (Absurd) (CDr) ($10)

Hermann Meier-Works For Piano 1949-1987 (Edition Wandelweiser) (2 CDs) ($18) (performed by Dominik Blum)

Daniel Menche-Beautiful Blood (Alien8) ($13)

*Daniel Menche-Eye On The Steel (Alien8) ($13)

Sergio Merce-be nothing (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Sergio Merce-Microtonal Saxophone (Potlatch) ($15)

Mersault (Tomas Korber/Christian Weber/Christian Wolfarth)-Raymond & Marie (Formed Records) ($12)

Emmanuel Mieville/Eric Cordier-Dispositif: Canal Saint-Martin (Xing-Wu) ($14)

Christof Migone-Quieting (Alien8) ($13)

mimi secue-forst (Karate Joe) ($14)

MIMEO-Wigry (Monotype/Bolt) (2 LPs) ($27)

Philippe Mion-Confidence (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

Mites-It's Something, But It's Not Tomorrow (no label) (CDr) ($11) (edition of 45, last copies!)

Mites-Passing Resemblance (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

Naoaki Miyamoto-Me no Tawamure (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

MkM (Jason Kahn/Günter Müller/Norbert Möslang)‎–instants//paris (Mikroton) ($14)

MkM (Günter Müller/Jason Kahn/Norbert Möslang)-mkm_msa (For 4 Ears) ($12)

André O. Möller-blue/dense (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

André O. Möller with Hans Eberhard Maldfeld-In Memory of James Tenney (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

André O. Möller-Musik für Orgel und einen Tonsetzer (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Ilya Monosov-Architectures On Air And Other Works (Elevator Bath) ($15)

Alfredo Costa Monteiro-Anatomy Of Inner Place (Monotype) ($15)

Alfredo Costa Monteiro-Aura (Etude) ($13)

Alfredo Costa Monteiro-Epicycle (Etude) ($12)

Alfredo Costa Monteiro/Miguel A. Garcia-Aq'Ab'Al (Mikroton) ($14)

Alfredo Costa Monteiro/Ben Owen-Frele A Vide (Contour Editions) (CD-R) ($11)

*Gen Ken Montgomery-Pondfloorsample (XI) (2CD) ($12)

Gertrude Moser-Wagner-Concept & Coincidence (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($24)

Norbert Möslang-burst_log (For 4 Ears) ($12)

Norbert Möslang-header_change (Cut) ($14)

Bruce Mowson-Static Tones (Cajid Media) ($12)

Günter Müller-Buenos Aires Tapes (Monotype) (2 CDs) ($18) (one CD with Alan Courtis and Pablo Reche, one CD with Sergio Merce and Gabriel Paiuk)

Günter Müller-Cym_Bowl (Mikroton) ($14)

Günter Müller-Live & Replayed (Esquilo) (2CDr) ($16)

Tham Kar Mun/Yandsen/Yeoh Yin Pin-Shàng (Xing-Wu) ($12)

Seijiro Murayama-Broken Iteration (Herbal) (2 CDs) ($23)

Seijiro Murayama-Downdate (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Seijiro Murayama/Masafumi Ezaki/Kazushige Kinoshita-Ready'n (Tenseless) ($15)

Seijiro Murayama/Kazushige Kinoshita-59:01.68 (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (handnumbered edition of 500)

Seijiro Murayama/Toshihiro Koike/Martin Taxt-Duo and Trio (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (edition of 200)

Seijiro Murayama/Eric La Casa-Paris: Public Spaces (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Seijiro Murayama/Eric La Casa-Supersedure (Hibari) ($15)

*Seijiro Murayama/Michael Northam-Moriendo Renascor (Xing-Wu) ($15)

Seijiro Murayama/Stéphane Rives-Axiom For The Duration (Potlatch) ($15)

Seijiro Murayama/soundworm-Space and Place (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (limited edition of 500)

*Seijiro Murayama/Toshiya Tsunoda-Snared 60 Cuts (skiti) ($16)

Murmer-Framework 1-4 (Herbal) (2 CDs) ($23)

Brendan Murray-Commonwealth (23Five) ($15)

Brendan Murray-Wonders Never Cease (Intransitive) ($12)

Brendan Murray/Mike Shiflet-Sentimental Gentlemen (SRA) (CDr) (edition of 150) ($11) *Music Now Ensemble 1969-Silver Pyramid (Matchless) ($18)


Toshimaru Nakamura-Dance Music (Bottrop-Boy) ($17)

Toshimaru Nakamura-Side Guitar (Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Toshimaru Nakamura/Nicholas Bussmann-I Know How You Frown (SubJam/KwanYin) ($17)

Toshimaru Nakamura/John Butcher-Dusted Machinery (Monotype) ($15)

Toshimaru Nakamura/Brett Larner-After School Activity (Impermanent Recordings) ($13)

Toshimaru Nakamura/Sean Meehan-From Tour (Quakebasket) ($14)

Toshimaru Nakamura/Martin Taxt-Listening to the Footsteps of Living Ones Who Are Still on the Ground (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Toshimaru Nakamura/Mark Trayle-Stationary (Creative Sources) ($12)

Hideki Nakazawa-Music Works Concert (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Takefumi Naoshima-I'll Keep It With Mine (Encadre) (2 CD-Rs) ($16)

Takefumi Naoshima-Three Lines (Encadre) (CD-R) ($13)

Takefumi Naoshima/Hirozumi Takeda/Utah Kawasaki/Mitsuteru Takeuchi/Toshihiro Koike/Takahiro Kawaguchi/Yasuo Totsuka-Septet (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Narthex (Marc Baron/Loic Blairon)-Formnction (Potlatch) ($15)

Negative Entropy-MS Stubnitz-Stockholm, 9.07.1998 (Absurd) ($10)

Seth Nehil-Flock & Tumble (Sonoris) ($14)

Seth Nehil-Uva (20City) (3" CD) ($7)

Manfred Neuwirth-[ma] Trilogy (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($24)

Martin Ng & Jim Denley-Vergency (Grob) ($14)

NG4 Quartet (Keith Rowe/Anthony Taillard/Emmanuel Leduc/Julien Ottavi)-A Quartet For Guitars (Mikroton) ($14)

BJ Nilsen/Stilluppsteypa-Drykkjuvisur Ohljodanna (Helen Scarsdale Agency) ($14)

*BJ Nilsen/Stilluppsteypa-Passing Out (Helen Scarsdale Agency) ($14)

Makiko Nishikaze-aqua.piano.aerial (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

nmperign (Bhob Rainey/Greg Kelley)-nmperign (Selektion) ($13)

*nmperign (Bhob Rainey/Greg Kelley)-Ommatidia (Intransitive) ($13)

nmperign/Jason Lescalleet-Love Me Two Times (Intransitive) (2 CDs) ($19)

No Hermanos Carrasco (Edén Carrasco/Nicolás Carrasco)-Mímesis/Intemperie (l'innomable) (CDr) ($11)

*Jérôme Noetinger-dR (PiedNu) ($16) (Jérôme's first solo record ever!)

Noid-Monodigmen (Artonal) ($12)

Noid-You're Not Here (Hibari) ($14)

Luigi Nono-20 Jahre Inventionen V (Edition RZ) ($16)

Luigi Nono-La Lontananza Nostalgica Utopica Futura (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Luigi Nono-Seguente (Edition RZ) (2 CDs) ($32)

Luigi Nono/Jürg Frey-Hay Que Caminar, Sognando/Ohne Titel (2 violinen) (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Nos Phillipe-Shh...Camille (Confront Collectors Series) (CD is 23:08 long) ($12)


Oceans of Silver and Blood (Joachim Nordwall/Mark Wastell)-Live at Cafe Oto (Confront Collectors Series) (CDr) ($12)

*Kanichiro Oda/Takefumi Naoshima/Mitsuteru Takeuchi/Takahiro Hirama-1 (Encadre) (2 CD-Rs) ($16)

Kanichiro Oda/Takefumi Naoshima/Mitsuteru Takeuchi/Takahiro Hirama-2 (Encadre) (CD-R) ($13)

Off-Cells (Kawaguchi/Kawasaki/Unami/Murayama)-60/40 (l'innomable) (CDr) ($11)

Paul O'Hara-Senseless Acts Of Beauty (Sonoris) ($10)

Itaru Oki-Phantom Note (Doubt Music) ($19) (reissue of classic Japanese free jazz LP from 1975) Masahiko Okura-Time Service (Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Masahiko Okura/Utah Kawasaki/Tetuzi Akiyama-bject (Hibari Music) ($15)

Tim Olive/Nick Hoffman-No Flag (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

Tim Olive/Alfredo Costa Monteiro-33 Bays (845 Audio) ($13)

Tim Olive/Katsura Mouri-Various Histories (845 Audio) ($13)

Tim Olive/Ben Owen-63-66 (845 Audio) ($13)

*The Olivia Tremor Control-Black Foliage:Animation Music (Cloud) ($12)

Optrum-Recorded (Headz) ($16)

Jim O'Rourke-Rules Of Reduction (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

Makoto Oshiro-Phenomenal World (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) (2 CDs) ($23)

*Matthew Ostrowski-Vertebra (Pogus) ($11)

Other Vultures (Billy Gomberg/Richard Kamerman)-Intensify Your Interests (Copy For Your Records) (37 minute cassette, numbered edition of 50) ($7)

*Otomo Yoshihide-Anode (Tzadik) ($15)

Otomo Yoshihide-Core Anode (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Otomo Yoshihide-Digital Tranquilizer Ver. 1.01 (F.M.N. Sound Factory) (3"CD) ($7)

Otomo Yoshihide-Ensemble Cathode (Improvised Music from Japan) ($15)

Otomo Yoshihide-Guitar Solo (Doubt Music) ($19)

Otomo Yoshihide-Modulation With 2 Electric Guitars and 2 Amplifiers (Doubt Music) ($19)

Otomo Yoshihide-Music For DanceArt Hong Kong's Memory Disorder (Noise Asia) ($14)

*Otomo Yoshihide-Multiple Otomo (Asphodel) (CD + DVD) ($20)

Otomo Yoshihide-Turntable Solo (Alcohol) (3" CD) ($9)

Otomo Yoshihide/Park Je Chun/Mi Yeon (w/ Günter Müller/Tanaka Yumiko/Sachiko M)-Loose Community (Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Otomo Yoshihide/Shimada Masahiko-My Dear Mummy (Charhizma) ($15)

*Otomo Yoshihide/Sim-Monte Alto Estate (Doubt Music) ($19)

Otomo Yoshihide/Nobukazu Takemura-Turntables and Computers (Headz) ($16)

*Julien Ottavi-Nervure Magnetique (Sigma) ($12)

Ben Owen-Turning (Winds Measure) ($13) (edition of 200)


P.D.-Inweglos (Absurd) ($12)

Joe Panzner-Polished Rocks (Gameboy) (CDr) ($12)

Joe Panzner/Greg Stuart + Jason Brogan/Sam Sfirri-Harness (Lengua de Lava) (C60 cassette) ($12) (edition of 100) (split cassette featuring long live pieces from each of these duos, beautiful design by Matthew Revert)

Evan Parker/Keith Rowe-Dark Rags (Potlatch) ($15)

Tim Parkinson-Cello Piece (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13) (performed by Stefan Thut)

Tim Parkinson-piano piece piano piece (Edition Wandelweiser) ($136)

Kevin Parks/Joe Foster-Acts Have Consequences (self-released) ($23) (2 CDs)

Kevin Parks/Joe Foster-ipsi sibi somnia fingunt (self-released) ($13)

Partial (Noé Cuéllar & Joseph Clayton Mills)-LL (Another Timbre) ($13)

Lee Patterson-Egg Fry #2 (Cathnor) (3" CDr) ($8)

Lee Patterson/Vanessa Rossetto-Temperament as Waveform (Another Timbre) ($13)

Perlonex-Peripherique (Zarek) ($13)

Perlonex/Charlemagne Palestine-It Ain't Necessarily So (Zarek) (2 CDs) ($25)

*Jan Peters-...but I still haven't figured out the meaning of life (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($24)

Dominique Petitgand-10 Petites Compositions Familiales (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

Anastassis Philippakopoulos-Song 6/Song 8/Song 9 (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13) (reinterpreted by Chaz Underriner)

Anastassis Philippakopoulos-Songs and Piano Pieces (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Dave Phillips-Field Recordings (Little Enjoyer) ($13)

Dave Phillips-Ghi Âm Việt Nam (Little Enjoyer) ($13)

Dave Phillips-Insect (Digitally Destroyed Daffodil) ($14)

Simon James Phillips-Blage 3 (Mikroton) (2 CDs) ($21) (edition of 350)

*Phosphor-Phosphor (Potlatch) ($15)

Phosphor-Phosphor II (Potlatch) ($15)

Michael Pilz-Facts for Fiction / Parco delle Rimembranze (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)

Robert Piotrowicz-Lasting Clinamen (Musica Genera) ($14)

Robert Piotrowicz/Burkhard Stangl/Anna Zaradny-Can't Illumination (Musica Genera) ($14)

Michael Pisaro-asleep, street, pipes, tones (Gravity Wave) ($14)

Michael Pisaro-black, white, red, green, blue (voyelles) (Winds Measure) (2 CDs) ($22) (edition of 300)

Michael Pisaro-close constellations and a drum on the ground (Gravity Wave) ($14)

Michael Pisaro-Closed Categories in Cartesian Worlds (Gravity Wave) ($14)

Michael Pisaro-Continuum Unbound (Gravity Wave) ($50) (triple CD box set, includes a 12 page color booklet with liner notes from Pisaro) (disc 3 features contributions from Greg Stuart, Toshiya Tsunoda, Patrick Farmer and Joe Panzner) (edition of 500)

Michael Pisaro-Étant donnés (Gravity Wave) ($14)

Michael Pisaro-fields have ears (6) (Gravity Wave) ($14)

Michael Pisaro-harmony series 11-16 (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Michael Pisaro-Hearing Metal 1 (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Michael Pisaro-Hearing Metal 2 (Gravity Wave) ($14)

Michael Pisaro-Hearing Metal 3 (Gravity Wave) ($14)

Michael Pisaro-July Mountain (three versions) (Gravity Wave) ($14)

Michael Pisaro-Melody, Silence (Potlatch) ($15) (performed by Cristian Alvear)

Michael Pisaro-The Middle of Life (Die ganze Zeit) (Gravity Wave) ($14) (featuring Oswald Egger and Julia Holter, with appearances by Graham Lambkin and Taku Sugimoto, among others)

Michael Pisaro-Mind Is Moving 1 (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Michael Pisaro-A Mist Is a Collection of Points (New World) ($16) (performed by Philip Bush and Greg Stuart)

Michael Pisaro-The Punishment of the Tribe by its Elders (Gravity Wave) ($14)

Michael Pisaro-Resting in a Fold of the Fog (Potlatch) ($15)

Michael Pisaro-ricefall (2) (Gravity Wave) ($14)

Michael Pisaro-Sometimes (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13) (realization for female voice and three electronic musicians)

Michael Pisaro-Tombstones (Human Ear) ($16) (2 additional tracks from the LP version)

Michael Pisaro-Transparent City (Volumes 1 and 2) (Edition Wandelweiser) (2 CDs) ($18)

Michael Pisaro-Transparent City (Volumes 3 and 4) (Edition Wandelweiser) (2 CDs) ($18)

Michael Pisaro-An Unrhymed Chord (Edition Wandelweiser) (2 CDs) ($18)

Michael Pisaro-An Unrhymed Chord (for 25 acoustic guitars) (performed by Barry Chabala) (Confront Collectors Series) (CDr) ($12) (in a metal box, CD looks like a vinyl 7")

Michael Pisaro-A Wave and Waves (Cathnor) ($14)

Michael Pisaro/Taku Sugimoto-D minor/Bb major (Slub) ($15) (a 48 minute piece co-composed by Pisaro/Sugimoto and performed by the 16 piece Dog Star Orchestra, including Pisaro/Sugimoto)

Michael Pisaro/Reinier van Houdt-Shades of Eternal Night (Gravity Wave) ($14)

*Pluramon-The Monstrous Surplus (Karaoke Kalk) ($15)

poire_z/Phil Minton-q (For 4 Ears) ($12)

Polwechsel (Dafeldecker/Malfatti/Moser/Stangl)-1 (Hat [Now] Art) ($14)

*Lisl Ponger-Travelling Light (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($24)

Miguel Prado-Comedy Apories (Heresy) (CD-R) ($13)

Gert-Jan Prins-Break Before Make (Editions Mego) ($16)

Gert-Jan Prins-Cavity (Cavity) ($16) (limited/signed edition of 250)

Gert-Jan Prins-Live (Grob) ($14)

Gert-Jan Prins-Risk (Mego) (3"CD) ($10)

Gert-Jan Prins/Peter Van Bergen/Fennesz-Dawn (Grob) ($14)

*Prurient-Arrowhead (Editions Mego) ($16)

Prurient/Kevin Drumm-All Are Guests In The House of The Lord (Hospital) ($12)

Pulse Emitter-spokE (EMR) (3" CDr) ($6)

*Purrer/Scheirl-Super-8-Girl Games (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)



Radian-Chimeric (Thrill Jockey) ($14)

Radian-Juxtaposition (Thrill Jockey) ($14)

Eliane Radigue-Occam Ocean 1 (Shiiin) ($37) (2 CDs)

Radio Cegeste-Three Inclements (Consumer Waste) (CDr) ($13) (edition of 100)

*Radioda-Rondo (Copy For Your Records) (CD-R) ($10) (edition of 100)

Horatiu Radulescu-String Quartet No. 4 (Edition RZ) ($16)

Raglani/Scenic Railroads-Raglani & Scenic Railroads (split) (Gameboy) (CDr) ($10)

Bhob Rainey/Ralf Wehowsky-I Don't Think I Can See You Tonight (Sedimental) ($13)

Vic Rawlings/Mike Bullock-Fall of Song (Chloë) ($12)

Reductive Journal Ensemble-trace of FOUR (Melange) ($15) (edition of 300) (compositions by Frey/Werder/Akama/lo wie performed by an ensemble including Frey/Werder/Akama as well as others)

Rick Reed/Keith Rowe/Bill Thompson-Shifting Currents (Mikroton) (2 CDs) ($21)

Reluctant Divers-The Theory And Practice Of Resistance To Everyday Life (W.M.O.) (CDr) ($10)

Michael Renkel-Errorkoerper III (Absinth) ($16)

Michael Renkel/Luca Venitucci-Still (l'innomable) (CDr) ($13)

*Michael Renkel/Sabine Vogel/Magda Mayas-phono_phono (Absinth) ($16)

Oliver Ressler-This is what democracy looks like! / Disobbedienti (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($24)

Un Caddie Renversé dans l'Herbe-The Reversed Supermarket Trolley Flies Towards the Rainbow (Lalia) ($12)

Michael Reudenbach-szenen, standbilder, works 1991-2009 (2 CDs) (Edition RZ) ($27)

Matthew Revert-A Discussion Was Had In Your Absence (Tristes Tropiques) ($13) (CDr) (edition of 100)

Matthew Revert‎–Letters To Friends Of The Late Darcy O'Meara (Round Bale) (C50 cassette) ($9)

Josef Anton Riedl-Klangregionen 1951-2007 (Edition RZ) (2 CDs) ($28)

Stéphane Rives-Fibres (Potlatch) ($15)

Jean-Michel Rivet-Embrasement (Sonoris) ($10)

Carol Robinson-Billows (Plush) ($16)

Jozef Robakowski-The Energy Manifesto! (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)

*Steve Roden-Dark Over Light Earth (New Plastic Music) ($13)

Steve Roden-Three Roots Carved To Look Like Stones (Sonoris) ($11)

Michael Rodgers-Curtained Moon (Black Petal) (CDr) ($12)

Rolex a la plage (w.m.o/r) (DVDr) ($10)

*Kristoff K. Roll-Des Travailleurs De La Nuit, À L’amie Des Objets (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

Barbara Romen/Kai Fagaschinski/Gunter Schneider-Here Comes The Sun (Mikroton) ($14)

Reed Evan Rosenberg-At The End of An Endless Stream (Accidie) ($7) (C40 cassette) (great computer music!!)

*Marina Rosenfeld-Drop, Hop, Drone, Scratch, Slide & A For Anything (Charhizma) ($15)

Vanessa Rossetto-Fashion Tape (C40 cassette) ($11) (last copies, sold out almost immediately from source)

Vanessa Rossetto-Rocinante (Hologram) ($10) (CDr) (numbered limited edition of 100)

Keith Rowe/Ilia Belorukov/Kurt Liedwart-Tri (Intonema) ($15)

Keith Rowe/Martin Küchen-The Bakery (Mikroton) ($14)

Keith Rowe/Alfredo Costa Monteiro/Ilia Belorukov/Kurt Liedwart-Contour (Mikroton) ($14)

Keith Rowe/John Tilbury-E.E. Tension and Circumstance (Potlatch) ($15)

Marcus Rubio-Music For Microphones (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

*Ruez-Brise Soleil (Copy For Your Records) (41 minute cassette, numbered edition of 50) ($7)

Ruez-She Came From Money (3"CDr) (rar) ($7)

Mathieu Ruhlmann/Chris Strickland-This Heap Is Greater Light (Glistening Examples) (CDr) ($11)

Constanze Ruhm-Video Works from 1999-2004 (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($24)

*Arthur Russell-World Of Echo (Audika) ($16)

Walter Ruttmann-Weekend (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

Ryu Hankil-Becoming Typewriter (Taumaturgia) (CDr) ($13)

Ryu Hankil/Choi Joonyong/Hong Chulki-Inferior Sounds (Balloon & Needle) ($14)

Ryu Hankil/Iida Katsuaki-Selected Poems With Clockworks (Manual) (book/CD) ($24)

Ryu Hankil/Noid/Matija Schellander-Foreign Correspondents (Mikroton) (2 CDs) ($22) (edition of 300)

Ryu Hankil/Kim Taeyong/Lee Youngji-profile (Manual) (book/CD) ($24)


Minami Saeki/Wakana Ikeda/Yoko Ikeda/Taku Sugimoto/Stefan Thut/Manfred Werder-Sextet (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (edition of 300)

Sakada-30 november 2002 (Sound323) (3"CD) ($9)

Sakada-Askatuta (therhizomelabel) (CDr) ($12)

*Matthieu Saladin - 4'33"/0'00" (Editions Provisoires) (3" CDr) ($8)

Matthieu Saladin-Intervalles (l'innomable) (CDr) ($13)

Philip Samartzis/Yamamoto Seiichi-Dance (F.M.N. Sound Factory) ($13)

Matt Sargent-Ghost Music (Weighter) ($13)

Satanic Abandoned Rock & Roll Society (Akiyama/Miyamoto/Kawasaki/Ito)-Bloody Imagination (Mikroton) ($14)

*Minoru Sato (m/s, SASW) + ASUNA-Texture in Glass Tubes and Reed Organ (Spekk) ($15)

Minoru Sato/Ami Yoshida-Composition for Voice Performer (1997 and 2007) (ao to ao) (3" CD) ($10)

Sator Rotas (Marcus Schmickler)-Sator Rotas (A-Musik) ($13)

James Saunders-#(Unassigned) (Confront) (2 CDs) ($26)

Giacinto Scelsi-Giacinto Scelsi (Edition RZ) ($16)

Scenic Railroads (Mike Shiflet/Joe Panzner)-Airports & Apartments, Volume 1 (Gameboy) (CDr) ($10)

Scenic Railroads (Mike Shiflet/Joe Panzner)-Our Art, Your Nap (Gameboy) (CDr) ($10)

Leo Schatzl-Farrago (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($24)

*Hans Scheugl-The Seconds Strike Reality (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)

Ignaz Schick-Tabit (Zarek) (CDr) ($13)

Christoph Schiller-Spinet, 2016 (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Burkhard Schlothauer-Abregistrieren (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Burkhard Schlothauer-ChamberEvents (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Burkhard Schlothauer-More Chamber Events (Edition Wandelweiser) (2 CDs) ($18)

Burkhard Schlothauer-PianoMusic (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Marcus Schmickler-Demos (For Choir, Chamber Quintet and Electronic Music) (A-Musik) (CD version-$15)

Marcus Schmickler-Demos (For Choir, Chamber Quintet and Electronic Music) (A-Musik) (LP version-$15)

Marcus Schmickler-Param (A-Musik) ($13)

Marcus Schmickler-Rule of Inference (A-Musik) ($14)

Marcus Schmickler/Julian Rohrhuber-Politiken der Frequenz (Tochnit Aleph/Editions Mego) ($15)

Marcus Schmickler/John Tilbury-Timekeepers (A-Musik) ($15)

Marcus Schmickler/John Tilbury-Variety (A-Musik) ($15)

Urs-Peter Schneider-Kompositionen 1973-1986 (Edition Wandelweiser) (2 CDs) ($18)

Marianne Schuppe-Slow Songs (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Domenico Sciajno-Broken Bridge (Fringes) ($14)

Domenico Sciajno/Gert-Jan Prins-the d&b album (Bowindo) ($13)

The Sealed Knot (Burkhard Beins/Rhodri Davies/Mark Wastell)-Live At Cafe Oto (Confront) ($11) (CDr) (in a metal box, CD looks like a vinyl 7")

Segments String Quartet (Kinoshita/Chiba/Ikeda/Kumon)-Sediments (Tenseless) ($16)

Sensorband-Area/Puls (Sonoris) ($10)

Grisha Shakhnes-Choice Ambience (disappearing records) (C36 cassette) ($12) (individually numbered, edition of 60)

Grisha Shakhnes-Distance and Decay (Organized Music From Thessaloniki) ($13) (edition of 200)

Grisha Shakhnes-Ghosts (disappearing records) (C62 cassette) ($14) (individually painted sleeves, edition of 100)

Grisha Shakhnes-leave/trace (Glistening Examples) (LP) ($14)

Craig Shepard-On Foot (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Craig Shepard-On Foot: Brooklyn (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Shibatetsu-Plastic Pneuma (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Mike Shiflet-Ichinomiya 5.3.6 (Little Enjoyer/Troniks) ($10)

Mike Shiflet-Llanos (self-released) ($9)

*Mike Shiflet-VCR Live (Gameboy) (CDr) ($11)

Mike Shiflet/Daniel Menche-Stalemate (Sonoris) ($13)

Shim/Schlothauer/Werder/Inderhees-EWR 0104 (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13) (performed by Ensemble Q-O2)

Mikheil Shugliashvili-Grand Chromatic Fantasy (Symphony) for three pianos (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Signal To Noise, Volume 1 (Jason Kahn/ Norbert Möslang/Günter Müller/Keiichiro Shibuya/Maria) (For 4 Ears) ($12)

Signal To Noise, Volume 2 (Tomas Korber/Christian Weber/Katsura Yamauchi) (For 4 Ears) ($12)

Signal To Noise, Volume 3 (Jason Kahn/ Norbert Möslang/Günter Müller) (For 4 Ears) ($12)

Signal To Noise, Volume 4 (Jason Kahn/Tomas Korber/Norbert Möslang/Günter Müller/Christian Weber/Katsura Yamauchi) (For 4 Ears) ($12)

Signal To Noise, Volume 5 (Jason Kahn/ Norbert Möslang/Günter Müller/Aube) (For 4 Ears) ($12)

Signal To Noise, Volume 6 (Kahn/Korber/Möslang/Müller/Hong Chulki/Ryu Hankil/Choi Joonyong/Bae Miryung/Jin Sangtae/Sato Yukie) (For 4 Ears) ($12)

Sillage (Brendan Murray/Seth Nehil)-Sillage (Sedimental) ($12)

Skog Och Dal (Skogen/Anders Dahl)-Skogar, Berg Och Dalar (Bombax Bombax) (CD-R) ($13) (edition of 165)

Slötakvartetten-Alleberg (Bombax Bombax) (CD-R) ($13) (edition of 165)

Snawklor-Rushes (Marsupial Sounds) ($13)

*Mark So-and suddenly from all this there came some horrid music (Caduc) ($12) (CDr) (performed by Cristián Alvear/Gudinni Cortina)

Adam Sonderberg-Say No (Cathnor) (3" CDr) ($8)

Adam Sonderberg/Paul Bradley-Anoxia (Longbox/Twenty Hertz) ($15)

Songs-1 & 2 (Intonema) ($15) (performed by the quartet of Lucio Capece, Catherine Lamb, Rishin Singh and Stine Sterne) (edition of 200)

Sonic Catering Band-Live From The Canteens Of Atlantis (Absurd) (2CD) ($14)

The Sons of God (Leif Elggren/Kent Tankred)/Mike Bullock-Table Talk (Fine Noise & Light) ($12) (CDr) (edition of 200)

Sound Projector #12 (Philip Jeck/Greg Kelley/Lasse Marhaug/Reviews, Reviews, Reviews) (Mag) ($8)

*Sound Projector #13 (Rhodri Davies/Murmer/Ronnie Sundin/RLW/etc.) (Magazine) ($8)

Sound Projector #14 (Harry Partch/Ashtray Navigations/The Shadow Ring/Idea Fire Company/TONS of Reviews) (Mag) ($8)

Sound Projector #15 (Russ Waterhouse/mudboy/Peter Strickland/Clay Ruby/U W Owl/TONS of Reviews) (Mag) ($9)

Starytone/Yui Nakamura/Takashi Masubuchi/Masahide Tokunaga-A Crescent and Moonflowers (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Stasis Duo (Matt Earle/Adam Sussmann)-untitled (l'innomable) (CDr) ($11) (new release!)

Steerage (Barry Chabala/A.F. Jones)-Entropy Is What The State Makes Of It (Caduc) ($12) (CDr) (edition of 100)

Howard Stelzer-Bond Inlets (Intransitive) ($12)

Graham Stephenson-Defiantly Not (Pilgrim Talk) (CDr) ($10) (second printing!)

*Graham Stephenson/Aaron Zarzutzki-No Dice (Hideous Replica) ($13) (edition of 100)

Joel Stern-Objectsmasksprops (Naturestrip) ($14)

Joel Stern/Anthony Guerra-Stitch (Impermanent Recordings) ($12)

Thomas Stiegler/Peter Ablinger-ANFANGEN (:AUFHÖREN) (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Thomas Stiegler/Hannes Seidl-Das Wetter In Offenbach (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Stilllife-Archipelago (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

*Karlheinz Stockhausen-Zyklus/Klavierstuck X (Wergo) ($24) (original recordings from the sixties by Christoph Caskel/Max Neuhaus/Frederic Rzewski)

*Streifenjunko (Eivind Lonning/Espen Reinertsen)-No Longer Burning (Sofa) ($13)

Peter Streiff-Komposition (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13) (performed by Urs-Peter Schneider)

Peter Streiff-Vokal/Instrumental (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Chris Strickland-Situations Enveloped (Caduc) ($8) (CDr) (16 minute EP)

*Taku Sugimoto-Doremilogy (skiti) ($16)

*Taku Sugimoto Guitar Quartet (w/ Otomo Yoshihide, Toshimaru Nakamura, Tetuzi Akiyama) (Bottrop-Boy) ($15)

Taku Sugimoto-Live In Australia (Improvised Music From Japan) (2CD) ($20)

*Taku Sugimoto-Live In Kansai (Slub) ($15)

Taku Sugimoto-Musical Composition Series 1 (Kid Ailack Enterprise) (2 CDs) ($24)

Taku Sugimoto-Quintets: Berlin, San Diego (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (compositions by Sugimoto, but he does not perform on either piece)

Taku Sugimoto-Septet (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (performed by Sugimoto/Eubanks/Thieke/Chang/Shirley/Nutters/Lane)

*Taku Sugimoto-Three Speakers (Slub) ($15)

Taku Sugimoto/Moe Kamura-Live in Saritote (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (limited edition of 500)

Taku Sugimoto/Minami Saeki-Songs (Slub) ($15)

Taku Sugimoto/Minami Saeki-Songs (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) (2 CDs) ($20) (edition of 300) (new release, no overlap with the Slub one)

Taku Sugimoto/Stefan Thut (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (edition of 200)

Taku Sugimoto/Taku Unami-Tengu et Kitsune (Slub) ($15)

*Taku Sugimoto/Taku Unami-Tengu et Kitsune II (Slub) ($15)

Sun (Oren Ambarchi/Chris Townend)-I'll Be The Same (Staubgold) ($15)

*Sun (Oren Ambarchi w/ remixes by Mapstation, Rafael Toral, Norbert Möslang, Christoph Heemann, etc.)-Sun (Staubgold) (2CD) ($16)

suzueri/Fiona Lee-Ftarri de Solos (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (Ftarri 5th Anniversary Vol. 3) (limited and numbered edition of 200)

suzueri/Makoto Oshiro-Duo (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (edition of 200)

Akio Suzuki/John Butcher-Immediate Landscapes (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

*Manabu Suzuki-Kantoku Collection (Slub) ($15)

Manabu Suzuki-Live Installation at Loop Line (recorded by Toshiya Tsunoda) (skiti) ($16)

Syndromes/Kostis Kilymis-Temporary Perspectives (Organized Music From Thessaloniki) ($13) (edition of 300)


Masashi Takashima/Tomoko Kageyama/Tetsu Nagasawa/Toshihiro Koike-Astrocyte (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Masashi Takashima/Yuma Takeshita/Yuji Ishihara/Atsushi Arakawa/Fiona Lee-Ftarri Jam (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (Ftarri 5th Anniversary Vol. 2) (limited and numbered edition of 200)

*Mitsuteru Takeuchi-Futow 003 (Futow) (CD-R) ($12)

Mitsuteru Takeuchi/Manfred Werder-untitled (Futow) (CDr) ($13)

Tomoe Takizawa-Breathing (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (edition of 300)

Yumiko Tanaka-Music Performance (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) (DVD) ($20)

Tandem Electrics (Richard Kamerman/Reed Evan Rosenberg)-Intaglio (RAR) (CDr) ($8)

Tape That (Christophe Meierhans/Koen Nutters)-Catalogue Vol 1 (Copy For Your Records) ($12)

Tarab-Surfacedrift (Naturestrip) ($13)

Marvin Tate/Joseph Clayton Mills-The Process (Every Contact Leaves A Trace) (CDr) ($11) (edition of 100)

Taus (Tim Blechmann/Klaus Filip)-The Organ of Corti (l'innomable) (CDr) ($13)

Television Power Electric-Television Power Electric (Gentle Giant) ($11)

*Martin Tétreault/Otomo Yoshihide-21 situations (Ambiances Magnétiques) ($13)

Martin Tétreault/Otomo Yoshihide-AHHH (Ambiances Magnétiques) ($13)

Martin Tétreault/Otomo Yoshihide-TOK (Ambiances Magnétiques) ($13)

Texturizer-Texturizer (Antifrost) ($10)

Michael Thieke Unununium-Nachtlieder (Mikroton) ($14)

*Michael Thieke Unununium-Where Shall I Fly Not To Be Sad, My Dear? (Charhizma) ($15)

300 Basses (Alfredo Costa Monteiro/Jonas Kocher/Luca Venitucci)-Sei Ritornelli (Potlatch) ($15)

Stefan Thut-about (elsewhere) (performed by Akama/Chase/Culley/Farmer/wie/Thut)

Stefan Thut-Drei, 1-21 (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13) (performed by the trio of Johnny Chang/Sam Sfirri/Jürg Frey)

Stefan Thut/Stefan Cooke-aussen raum (Notice) ($8) (cassette) (edition of 100)

Stefan Thut/Manfred Werder-Im Sefinental (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

John Tilbury-For Tomasz Sikorski (Bolt/Bocian) ($15)

Thomas Tilly-Codex Amphibia (Glistening Examples) (CDr) ($11)

Toc Sine (Pascal Battus/Jean-Luc Guionnet)-Drawings (Cathnor) ($14)

Kasper T. Toeplitz-Capture (Recordings Of Sleaze Art) ($15)

Kaspar T. Toeplitz-Fissure (Sonoris) ($10)

Masahide Tokunaga-Alto Saxophone (Slub) ($15)

Masahide Tokunaga-Alto Saxophone 2 (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Masahide Tokunaga-Bwoouunn: Fleeting Excitement (Hitorri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Irena Tomažin/Christof Kurzmann-Ljubljana – Wien (l'innomable) (CDr) ($9) (price is reduced as packaging is slightly damaged, very minor)

*Rafael Toral-Harmonic Series 2 (Headz) ($16)

Yasuo Totsuka/Takefumi Naoshima-New Tears of Flowers (Encadre) (CD-R) ($15)

Yasuo Totsuka/Takefumi Naoshima-Pushed Out From The Tube (Encadre) (CD-R) ($15)

*Traw/Rhodri Davies-Cwymp Y Dwr Ar Ganol Dydd (Confront Collectors Series) ($12)

*Valerio Tricoli/Thomas Ankersmit-Forma II (Pan) ($15)

Trio Sowari (Phil Durrant/Bertrand Denzler/Burkhard Beins)-Shortcut (Potlatch) ($15)

Trio Sowari (Phil Durrant/Bertrand Denzler/Burkhard Beins)-Three Dances (Potlatch) ($15)

Toshiya Tsunoda-The Argyll Recordings (edition.t) (2 CDs) ($23)

Toshiya Tsunoda-O Kokos Tis Anixis (Grains of Spring) (edition.t) (2 CDs) ($23)

Toshiya Tsunoda-Low Frequency Observed at Maguchi Bay (Hibari) ($15)

Toshiya Tsunoda-Somashikiba (edition.t) (2 CDs) ($23)

Toshiya Tsunoda-The Temple Recording (edition.t) (2 CDs) ($23)

David Tudor-Music For Piano (Edition RZ) (2 CDs) ($28)

TV Pow (remixed by Heimir Bjorgulfsson/Zbignew Karkowski/Sachiko M/Wolf Eyes/Francisco Lopez/Jason Soliday/many others)-Burned Bridges and Lost Loves (Bottrop-Boy) (2CD) ($16)

TV Pow (remixed by Oren Ambarchi/Otomo Yoshihide/Toshimaru Nakamura/Leif Elggren/Burkhard Stangl/Greg Kelley/Olivia Block/Mike Shiflet/Stilluppsteypa/Vertonen/etc.)-Powerful Friends And Devoted Lovers (Bottrop-Boy) (2CD) ($19)


Kazuhisa Uchihashi/Noid/Tamara Wilhelm-I Hope It Doesn't Work (Mikroton) ($14)

Jakob Ullmann-A Catalogue Of Sounds (Edition RZ) ($16)

Jakob Ullmann-fremde zeit addendum (Edition RZ) (3 CDs) ($37)

Jakob Ullmann-fremde zeit addendum 4 (Edition RZ) ($16) (the separately released 4th disc for the Ullmann box which fits nicely within, no overlap with the first three)

Jakob Ullmann-voice, books and FIRE 3 (Edition RZ) ($16)

Tetsuya Umeda-Ocket (Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Hideki Umezawa/Yoko Ikeda/Wakana Ikeda/Yoichi Kamimura/Takashi Masubuchi-Ftarri After Tomorrow (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (Ftarri 5th Anniversary Vol. 1) (limited and numbered edition of 200)

Taku Unami-Cloud Of Unknowing (Tenseless) ($16)

Taku Unami-Ichimannen Go... Soundtrack (Hibari) ($13)

Taku Unami-Kitsune-Hitori (Slub) ($15)

Taku Unami-Malignitat (skiti) ($16)

Taku Unami-Malignitat II (Free Software Series) (CDr) ($11)

Uncle E-Deep in The Bushes (Antboy) (CDr) ($7)

*Unforgettable H2O (Erik Carlsson/Anders Dahl/Matilda Nordenstrom/Henrik Olsson/Petter Wastberg)-Flatefjäll (Bombax Bombax) (CD-R) ($13) (edition of 165)

Hiroyuki Ura/Kenichi Kanazawa/Satoko Inoue-Scores (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Hiroyuki Ura/Kenichi Kanazawa/Satoko Inoue-Scores at Ftarri (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (Ftarri 5th Anniversary Vol. 4) (limited and numbered edition of 200)

Hiroyuki Ura/Kenichi Kanazawa/Satoko Inoue/Leo Dupleix/Yuma Takeshita-Land of the Hermits (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)


VA AA LR-Newhaven (Organized Music From Thessaloniki) (3" CDr) ($7) (edition of 100)

VA AA LR-Polis (Intonema) ($15) (edition of 200)

Vacuum Boys-Space Breakdance Challenge (Takashi Mobile) ($8)

*VALIE EXPORT-3 Experimental Short Films (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)

Bas van Koolwijk/Gert-Jan Prins-Synchronator ($14) (PAL DVD)

Various-/2009/ what do you make of what I say (Compost and Height/Q-o2) (CD/book) ($19) (linked solo pieces from ten artists including Annette Krebs. Manfred Werder, Tim Parkinson, etc.)

Various-30 Jahre Inventionen VII (Edition RZ) ($33) (2 CDs and a DVD)

Various-As She Likes It (Female Performance Art from Austria) (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)

Various-Berlin Electronics (Absinth) (one disc each from Annette Krebs. Ignaz Schick, Gilles Aubry and Andrea Ermke) (4 3" CDr) ($23)

Various-blank field (Alien8) ($13) (Oren Ambarchi/Merzbow/Daniel Menche/Manon Anne Gillis/Michael Northam/Shunichiro Okada)

Various-Blocks Of Consciousness and the Unbroken Continuum (Akiyama/Butcher/Cage/Halliwell/Kelley/Sachiko/Mattin/Meehan/Roden/Rowe/Tilbury/Unami/Wall/Wastell/Yoshihide/MANY OTHERS) (Sound323) (Book+DVD) ($50)

Various-Echtzeitmusik Berlin (Mikroton) (3 CDs) ($33) (41 tracks compiled by Burkhard Beins to accompany the book of the same name)

*Various-Euskal Interpretatzaile berriak vol.1 (Antifrost) ($10) (Mattin/Tzesne/Inigo Telletxea/Edorta Izarzugaza/Xabier Erkizia)

Various-Experimental Music Concert (Slub) ($15) (compositions by the participants in Taku Sugimoto's experimental music school, English/Japanese liner notes by Sugimoto)

Various-Feedback: Order From Noise (Mikroton) (2 CDs and a DVD) ($33) (edition of 500) (documenting the 2004 UK tour, featuring Alvin Lucier, Otomo Yoshihide, Toshi Nakamura, Nicolas Collins and others)

Various-from:/to: (A Bruit Secret) ($15) (Utah Kawazaki/Masafumi Ezaki/Masahiko Okura/Alfredo Costa Monteiro/Ami Yoshida/Taku Unami/etc.)

Various-Ftarri Collection 1 (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (Sugimoto/Iida/Nakamura/Unami, Butcher/Nakamura/Akiyama, Otomo/Nakamura/Hankil)

Various-Ftarri Collection 2 (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (Noid/Fagaschinski/Dörner/Unami, Prevost/Sachiko)

Various-Ftarri Collection 3 (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (gnu, Ami Yoshida solo, Olive/Guerra/Oshiro)

Various-Ftarri Collection 4 (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (Filip/Fagaschinski, Nishikawa/Olive/Haco, Yamauchi/Ishikawa/Saitoh)

Various-Ftarri Collection 5 (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (Noaki Miyamoto solo, Chie Mukai/Tetragrammaton)

Various-Ftarri Collection 6 (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (Hatakeyama/Mizutani, Kawaguchi/Yamaguchi/Kanda)

Various-Ftarri Collection 7 (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($14) (Yamamoto/Umeda, Suzuki/Yasunaga, Akiyama/Kawasaki/Yamauchi)

Various-Fukushima! (Presqu'ile) (2 CDs) ($22) (includes long tracks from Tilbury and Pisaro/Stuart, also Krebs, Kelley, Beins, and more!)

Various-FULL (Toshimaru Nakamura/Joe Colley/Sachiko M/etc.) (Antifrost) ($10)

Various-Haunted Weather (Staubgold) (2CD) ($16) (previously released Tracks by Otomo Yoshihide/Sachiko M/John Butcher/Kaffe Matthews/Toshiya Tsunoda/Taku Sugimoto/Keith Rowe/John Tilbury/etc.)

Various-Improvised Music From Japan 2004 (Improvised Music From Japan) (Magazine + 2 CDs) ($25) (Aki Onda/Tetuzi Akiyama/Ami Yoshida/Masahiko Okura/Sachiko M/Otomo Yoshihide/Taku Sugimoto/Toshimaru Nakamura/etc.)

Various-Improvised Music From Japan 2005 (Improvised Music From Japan) (Magazine + 2 CDs) ($24) (Toshiya Tsunoda/Merzbow/Kiyoshi Mizutani/etc.)

Various-Improvised Music From Japan EXTRA (Improvised Music From Japan) (Magazine + 2 CDs) ($18)

Various-Improvised Music from Japan EXTRA 2006 (Improvised Music from Japan) (Magazine + 2 CDs) (MAGAZINE IS IN JAPANESE-ONLY) ($21) (Annette Krebs/Axel Dorner/Kommando Raumschiff Zitrone/Burkhard Beins/Thomas Ankersmit/etc)

Various-Improvised Music from Japan 2009 (IMJ) (Magazine + 3 CDs) ($25)

Various-In Drawing (Cherry Music) ($15) (2005 release, solo tracks from Ami Yoshida, Takahiro Kawaguchi, Chris Watson, Yasuo Totsuka and 2 others)

Various-Insight (Xing-Wu) (Toshimaru Nakamura/Tetuzi Akiyama/Oren Ambarchi/Jeph Jerman/Taku Sugimoto/Axel Dorner/etc.) (2CD) ($21)

Various-INstruments (List) ($15) (Werner Dafeldecker/Martin Siewert/Janek Schaefer/Steinbrüchel/Günter Müller/etc.)

Various— 10 Jahre Bessere Farben (Mikroton) (2 CDs) ($21) (44 tracks from the 10 years of

Various-Labor-CD - Labor Sonor / Kule / Berlin (Charhizma) (2CD/Audio/Video) ($17) (Phosphor/Kai Fagaschinski/Alessandro Bosetti)

Various-Loud :: Quiet (Boxmedia) (2CD) ($16) (Pita/Otomo Yoshihide/Stilluppsteypa/Akiyama/Sugimoto/TV Pow/Voice Crack/Lasse Marhaug/etc.)

Various-Meeting At Off Site Vol. 1 (Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Various-Meeting At Off Site Vol. 2 (Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Various-Meeting At Off Site Vol. 3 (Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Various-Nice Weather for War (Kye) ($14) (new lengthy tracks from Gabi Losoncy, Matthew Revert, Shots, Blues Chemise and Russell Walker, compiled by Kye owner Graham Lambkin)

Various-Off Site Composed Music Series In 2001 (A Bruit Secret) (2CD) ($24)

*Various-Outer01 (Bus) (CDr) ($8)

Various-Outer02 (Joel Stern/Philip Samartzis/etc.) (Bus) (CDr) ($8)

Various-Outer04 (Anthony Guerra/Tarab/etc.) (Bus) ($8)

Various-Overland (Toshiya Tsunoda/Joel Stern/Tarab/Lawrence English) (Naturestrip) ($13)

Various-Relay: Archive 2007-2008 (Joe Foster/Choi Joonyong/Hong Chulki/Ryu Hankil/Jin Sangtae in different combos, plus guests like Kai Fagaschinski, dieb13, Toshimaru Nakamura, Bonnie Jones, Klaus Filip, etc) (Manual) (2 CDs) ($24)

Various (Courtis/Jason Kahn/Tomas Korber/Günter Müller/Radian/Martin Tétreault/etc.)-Rural Psychogeography (Nexsound) ($13)

Various-Social Music (Errant Bodies Press/Fringes/Ground Fault) (CD + Book) ($15)

Various-Sonic Fiction: Synaesthetic Videos from Austria (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)

Various-Strewth! (Synaesthesia) ($13) (Dion Workman/Philip Samartzis/Oren Ambarchi/Rosy Parlane/etc.)

Various-Untitled Songs (Sirr) (2CD) ($18) (Steve Roden/Asmus Tietchens/Achim Wollscheid/jgrzinich/CM von Hausswolff/Dale Lloyd/etc.)

Various-VOID (Ami Yoshida/Jason Kahn/Cremaster/dieb 13/etc.) (Antifrost) ($10)

Various-West Coast Soundings (Edition Wandelweiser) (2 CDs) ($18) (includes pieces by many young West Coast composers plus one each by Pisaro and Tenney, all performed by Gratkowski/Josel/Koch/Lukoszevieze/Mense)

Nikos Veliotis/Klaus Filip-Slugabed (Hibari) ($15)

Nikos Veliotis/Nicolas Malevitsis-Murder Melody (Absurd) (CDr) ($10)

*Vestige Vertical- Vestige Vertical (X-Tract) ($11)

Vile Cretin (Miguel A. Garcia/Nick Hoffman)-Vile Cretin (Intonema) ($15)

Volks stöhnende Knochenschau-A Historic Video News Reel Project (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($24)

*Michael Vorfeld/Christian Wolfarth (Vorwolf)-Snake's Eye (Formed) ($12)

Biliana Voutchkova/Michael Thieke-Blurred Music (elsewhere) ($28) (3 CDs) (edition of 500)


Emmanuelle Waeckerlé-Ode (owed) to O (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

*John Wall/Mark Durgan-untitled (Entr'acte) ($16)

Riccardo Dillon Wanke-Caves (Sedimental) ($12)

Dan Warburton-A Walk Through R/A Walk Through V (Why Not Ltd.) (CDr) ($12)

Dan Warburton/Jean-Luc Guionnet/Eric La Casa-Metro Pre Saint Gervais (Chloë) ($12)

Mark Wastell-After Hours (Cathnor) (3" CDr) ($8)

Mark Wastell-Amoungst English Men (for piano, tam tam, and tubular bell) (Absinth) ($16)

Weber/Callahan/Goretzki/Zimmerlin (performed by Christian Buck/Christian Wolfarth) (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

RLW-When Freezing Air Stings Like Ice... (Streamline) ($13)

Ralf Wehowsky/Kevin Drumm-Cases (Selektion) ($13)

Ralf Wehowsky-Nameless Victims (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

*Peter Weibel-Depiction is a crime (Video Wors 1969-1975) (Index) (PAL DVD-All Regions) ($33)

*Barry Weisblat/Alfredo Costa Monteiro/Ernesto Rodrigues-Diafon (Creative Sources) ($12)

Zhu Wenbo/Zhao Cong/Takashi Masubuchi/Masahide Tokunaga/Yuma Takeshita/Yuji Ishihara/Hiroyuki Ura-Trio and Septet (Meenna/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (edition of 200)

Manfred Werder-ein(e) ausfuhrende(r) seiten 218-226 (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Manfred Werder-stück 1998, seiten 676 bis 683 (Irritable Hedgehog) ($14) (perfomed by Cristián Alvear)

Manfred Werder-2003 (Edition Wandelweiser) (3 CDs) ($18) (performed by Erik Carlson/Stephanie Richards/D. Edward Davis)

Manfred Werder-20051 (Winds Measure) (performed by Jason Kahn) (8 CD-Rs) ($37) (edition of 150)

Manfred Werder-2006 (performed by Akiyama/Okura/Tsunoda) (skiti) ($16)

Manfred Werder-2009(1) (Cathnor) (3" CDr) ($8) (realized by Will Montgomery)

*Manfred Werder–20092 (Heresy) (CD-R) ($13) (edition of 100, last copies) (realized by Miguel Prado)

Manfred Werder-20153 (actualized by Regler (Mattin & Anders Bryngelsson)) (Nueni) ($15)

Matt Weston-Not To Be Taken Away (7272Music) ($10)

Simon Whetham-Drowning Electret (Every Contact Leaves A Trace) (CDr) ($11) (edition of 100)

Helen White-Solar Wind Chime (Every Contact Leaves A Trace) (CDr) ($11) (edition of 100)

Jacob Wick-Twice Love (Marginal Frequency) (cassette) ($8) (w/Christian Weber on one side and Casey Anderson on the other) (edition of 75)

*Need Thomas Windham-Employment Patterns (Antiopic) ($11)

Gosia Winter/Barry Chabala-Ananke (Roeba) (CD-R) ($11)

Michael Winter-Approximating Omega (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Wolf Eyes-Six Arms And Sucks (Esquilo) (CDr) ($13)

Christian Wolff-11 Microexercises (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13) (performed by Beat Keller and Reza Khota)

Christian Wolff-Exercise 15 (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Christian Wolff-Kompositionen 1950-1972 (Edition RZ) (2 CDs) ($28) (includes a new performance of Edges by Keith Rowe)

Christian Wolff-Stones (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Dion Workman/Mattin-S3 (Formed) ($12)

*Nigel Wright (CMR) (CDr) ($13)

X, Y, Z

Iannis Xenakis-Iannis Xenakis (includes Persepolis) (Edition RZ) (2 CDs) ($28)

Katsura Yamauchi-Houri (Salmo Fishing Association) ($14)

Katsura Yamauchi-Patiruma: Salmo Sax 2 (Salmo Fishing Association) ($14)

*Katsura Yamauchi-Salmo Sax (Salmo Fishing Association) ($14)

Katsura Yamauchi/Michel Doneda-La Drache (Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Katsura Yamauchi/Toshimaru Nakamura-Yokutojin (Ftarri/Improvised Music From Japan) ($15) (great art by Taku Sugimoto!)

Ami Yoshida-Tiger Thrush (Improvised Music From Japan) ($15)

Mitsuhiro Yoshimura-and so on (liner notes by Taku Sugimoto) ((h)ear rings) ($14)

Mitsuhiro Yoshimura/Masahiko Okura-Trio (Presqu'ile) ($16)

Mitsuhiro Yoshimura/Taku Sugimoto-not BGM and so on ((h)ear rings) ($14)

Mitsuhiro Yoshimura/Toshiya Tsunoda/Taku Sugimoto-Santa (Presqu'ile) ($16)

*Enore Zaffiri-La voce ed il sintetizzatore_ (Rossbin) ($10)

Gino Zardo/Janek Schaefer-Walking East (Alluvial Recordings) ($12)

*Christian Zanési-Grand Bruit (Metamkine) (3" CD) ($5)

*Anna Zaradny-Mauve Cycles (Musica Genera) ($14)

Istvan Zelenka-Phontaine (Edition Wandelweiser) ($13)

Z'ev Vs. Pita-Colchester (Editions Mego) ($16)

Carlos Zingaro/Voice Crack-ba kagpja (sirr) ($13)