Erstwhile 040

Leddington's DVD contains a 109-minute visual document titled "balance beams," which is built around the festival itself and includes structured excerpts from all twelve sets, commentary from the musicians, behind-the-scenes footage, as well as images and sounds from Tokyo. Footage of the Stangl/Kurzmann set includes cuts of Viennese filmmaker Michaela Grill's Schnee video, as it was shown live in Tokyo.

The DVD extras include 5.1 surround sound audio-only versions of the Rowe/Lehn/Schmickler and Müller/Otomo sets, as well as three short individual features based on the three nights of outside festival performances that discs 1 and 7 were chosen from, including Keith Rowe discussing with the other guitarists how he believes a musician should approach performing the graphic score of Cardew's Treatise.